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vol.4 : "Ikebana Live!"

On June 7, the first of the Sogetsu "Ikebana Live!" series was held in Osaka. Over the next three years, this exciting live demonstration will travel to nine locations throughout Japan as we aim to show the fresh charm of ikebana to a broader public.

"Ikebana" is often perceived as a flower arrangement that sits quietly on the Toko-no-ma, table-top or corner of a room. But how wrong this perception is! Ikebana is something much more passionate, much more exciting!

For our debut event, 800 ikebana aficionados packed the debut venue, Matsushita IMP Hall in Osaka. Gasps of excitement were heard as works, large and small, flowed non-stop at the hands of the ikebana artists, giving the audience an immediate ikebana experience.


By the end of the live performance, the entire stage had been transformed into a huge floral installation measuring 15 meters in width and 9 meters in depth

A floral installation was created for the seating area, sweeping the audience into the world of "Feeling Ikebana through all five senses" and culminating in uniting the whole auditorium.


Amid the hush, amid the bobbing to the rhythmical music, the creative flow continued non-stop. By the finale, the stage had transformed into a world of brightly lit botanical illusion. Raw botanical energy reverberated from everywhere, uniting the stage and audience.
It was an unforgettable authentic "ikebana experience" as sounds, light and passion of the audience brought the event to a pinnacle. All components of a live demonstration are alive. Even when the same ikebana materials are used for multiple venues, the end-result is always different. It is because no two audience groups are the same.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone who was present for giving us this precious opportunity. I do hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. In July, we will travel to Morioka in Iwate Prefecture for our next live event on the 19th. Remember the saying, "Seeing is believing." We look forward to seeing you there; we assure you that you will be drawn into an amazing new world of ikebana!

"Iemoto Ikebana Live" in Morioka
Dates: July 19 (Sat.) 12:00~15:00(doors open at 11:00)
Venue: Morioka Civic Cultural Hall connected to JR Morioka Station
Appearances by Akane Teshigahara, Seiha Ishikawa, Tetsunori Kawana
Language: Japanese only
Admission fee: Sogetsu Teachers’ Association Member 5,000 yen/ General public 6,000 yen

Creating a work for the makeshift stage seating area Creating a work for the makeshift stage seating area

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