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vol. 37: Now is the Time to Arrange Flowers

37-1.JPG                                                   What can we do now?

It’s been almost a month since the earthquake and tsunami, which caused unprecedented damage, and the accident to the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, which has no end in sight. More than 12,000 people lost their lives; over 15,000 people are still missing; and 160,000-odd people are forced to live in evacuation shelters. The movement toward recovery has started, but the hardships, grief and anxiety of the affected people are immeasurable.

Facing such great loss and unimaginable difficulties, I think people all over the world would ask this question themselves — “What can we do now?”

In a life-threatening situation, a single flower may be powerless. However, I believe that when people gradually stand erect again, flowers can stay close to the heart of people and gently support them.

We, always and whatever happens, wish to arrange flowers, connect heart to heart, and generate a source of power and smiles. That’s why now is the time that we must arrange flowers for others and offer prayers more than before.

To prevent these too great casualties from being in vain, we must not stay put. Let each of us do whatever we can, wherever we belong. Hold flowers in our hands, head up, and move forward believing in tomorrow. Let us strongly hope that tranquil days and beautiful scenery will come back to us at the earliest possible date.


                                 With my prayers for the return of a peaceful life

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