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Vol. 45: To be a Year of Smiles

2012 has started. I sincerely hope that this year will be fruitful and full of happiness for all of you.

omoi45-1.JPGOn January 9, the Sogetsu New Year’s Party was held in the Tsuru banquet room of the Hotel New Otani. I spent a very enjoyable time surrounded by 700 Sogetsu people, more than last year’s participants. Whenever I make a speech for the new year in front of so many guests, I am extremely nervous, but it is also an excellent opportunity for me to push myself into reality by presenting my resolutions in public.

My resolution for 2012 is to enact a “metamorphosis.” I would like to change physically and mentally throughout the year. Of course, I cannot change in a day. So, in order to enrich myself, I plan to live each day dedicated to accumulate such days, taking action with initiative to find something beautiful, something happy and something wonderful. How much can I morph? Such expectation makes my heart pound, but I will do the best I can with pleasure.

omoi45-2.JPG     Kagamibiraki (sake barrel breaking ceremony) with Mrs. Senso Onaka and Mr. Ryu Ishikawa

And the special guest of this year’s New Year’s Party was Judy Ongg, a singer, actress and printmaker. The participants applauded her beautiful voice and amusing talk. As Judy said, “my heart is always 25 years old,” she emanated a radiant aura and is really attractive.

omoi45-3.JPGBoth Japan and the rest of the world has a flood of problems. But whatever the situation is, in the final analysis, we have to change it little by little by ourselves. At any time, we have to move ahead continually even if it is just a step or a half step at a time.

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