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Vol. 81: Ikebana Association Exhibition

It’s already March. Sunshine is getting stronger, but still cold days don’t abate. Please look after yourselves and wrap up well.

Today, I went to set up my work for the 53rd Ikebana Association Exhibition that is starting tomorrow at  Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Store.




To the sturdy driftwoods, colors were added with white Japanese quince and pink rhododendron.



The rhododendron with its large buds. I am looking forward to seeing how they will unfold in 6 days. 



Lastly by adding the camellia to increase volume...



I expressed the innocence of spring.


Works by more than 600 ikebanists from over 50 schools will be displayed.

Please enjoy the feats of ikebana from various schools.


53rd Ikebana Association Exhibition

Term: March 5th (Wed.) – 10th (Mon), 2014

First: March 5th (Wed.) and 6th (Thu.)
Second: March 7th (Fri) and 8th (Sat.)
Third: March 9th (Sun.) and 10th (Mon.)

Opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00
(Closed at 18:00 on March 6th (Thu.), 8th (Sat.) and 10th (Mon.).
*Admission is allowed 30 minutes before the closing time. 

Venue:    Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Store 11th Floor Exhibition Hall
(5-24-2, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Tel: 81-3-5361-1111)

Admission: 800 yen (Advanced ticket: 600 yen)
* Children under junior high school are free of charge.
Organized by: Japan Ikebana Art Association

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