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Vol. 83: Happiness is ...

The season of fresh greenery has come.

At this time of the year, many ikebana exhibitions and photo shoots are held as if we may miss this beautiful season as it is passing by so quickly.

Let me introduce one of the most impressive projects among those in which I participated.


In the beginning of April, I joined a short filming session titled "Happiness is …".

This is a series of short movies for only 1 minute each, started by two artists: Ms. Miyuki Onitake, a composer, and Mr. Hideo Mori, a photographer, in the wake of the 3.11 disaster in January 2012 wishing to comfort all Japanese people.

They invite guests from various fields to express what "Happiness is ..." in his or her own words, in coordination with Mr. Mori’s visuals and Ms. Onitake’s music. 


The shoot was conducted on the stage at the Sogetsu Hall, together with the children from the Akane Junior Class. 


omoi83-1 (448x336).jpg 

First, I arranged bamboo, flowering cherry, golden-bells and camellia.


omoi83-3 (448x298).jpg 

Then, the children added colorful flowers.


omoi83-4 (448x336).jpg 



omoi83-5 (448x299).jpg 

Mr. Mori, Ms. Onitake and children who participated in this project (from the left)


A heart-warming wonderful movie was created with beautiful visuals and music.

Please enjoy it!


1 minute piece "Happiness is ..." VOL. 28

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