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Vol. 85: Ikebana International 8th European Regional Conference in Potsdam, Germany (No. 1)

I went to Potsdam, Germany from August 18 to 26 for the Ikebana International 8th European Regional Conference!

Potsdam is southwest of Berlin and a beautiful city surrounded by woods and lakes, with the population of about 150,000. The city is also known as a place where the historic "Potsdam Declaration" was issued. We arrived at Berlin Tegel Airport in the evening of August 18. The air was chilly and I felt rather cold.


omoi85_1 (448x336).jpg 

When we got out of the airport, a rainbow welcomed us, which was highly appropriate as a rainbow is the logo for this event. We got off to a good start.


omoi85_2 (448x336).jpg 

On the second day, we went to a flower market from early morning.

Visiting local flower markets is one of the great pleasures of working overseas.


omoi85_3 (448x336).jpg 

omoi85_4 (448x336).jpg

omoi85_5 (448x336).jpg

omoi85_6 (448x336).jpg

The market was not that big but had an abundance of flowers and plants.


omoi85_7 (448x336).jpg 

Especially, I was enchanted with the beautiful colors of the roses…


omoi85_8 (448x336).jpg 

omoi85_9 (448x336).jpg

omoi85_10 (448x336).jpg

There were unique pots and figurines, too.



I found a real good buy among the items on sale at a material shop!


omoi85_12 (448x336).jpg 

Breakfast at a café in the market. The sausages were delicious!


omoi85_13 (448x336).jpg 

Leaving the flower market, we headed to a plants shop in the suburbs.


omoi85_14 (448x336).jpg 

Let’s go into the fray with the plants and trees with various equipment in our hands!


omoi85_15 (448x336).jpg 

Although it is called a shop, it is just like in the woods…


omoi85_16 (448x336).jpg 

omoi85_17 (448x336).jpg

omoi85_18 (448x336).jpg

We could freely cut wonderful trees and plants for materials!


omoi85_19 (448x336).jpg 

After that, we went to Berlin for a little shopping. Actually in transit, our suitcases went missing… (They ended up being delivered late the same night.)


omoi85_20 (448x336).jpg 

After buying all the necessary items, we had a break at a café of Hotel Adlon Kempinski, the most luxurious hotel in Berlin. With Dr. Möhler who kindly chauffeured us this time (he is a doctor of engineering engaged in automobile development, a true gentleman, and an ideal ikebana husband!) and Mrs. Toshimi Hayashi-Matt (second from the right) who helped us as an interpreter.


The workshops were held the following day.


omoi85_21 (448x336).jpg 

omoi85_22 (448x336).jpg

omoi85_23 (448x336).jpg

omoi85_24 (448x336).jpg

Over 60 members participated in both morning and afternoon workshops each. All the creations were superb and unique, and I was impressed once again with the high level of ikebanists in Europe.


omoi85_25 (448x336).jpg 

People of the Sogetsu Munich Branch who worked really hard for the successful workshops. At the center, Mrs. Ayako Graefe, who also worked as an interpreter.


From tomorrow, the preparation for the demonstration will finally start!


To be continued…

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