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Vol. 86: Ikebana International 8th European Regional Conference in Potsdam, Germany (No. 2)

The long awaited preparation for the demonstration started on August 21.

omoi86_1 (448x336).jpg
The demonstration was to be held at the Hans Otto Theater.

omoi86_2 (448x336).jpg

omoi86_3 (448x336).jpg
The theater with an innovative design of red and black near the lake.

omoi86_4 (448x336).jpg
We could not use the theater on this day, so we worked at a place nearby that was like a warehouse. 

omoi86_5 (448x336).jpg
 Waiting for the arrival of containers…
omoi86_6 (448x336).jpg
omoi86_7 (448x336).jpg
Once we started, the preparation went smoothly.

In the afternoon, we returned to the hotel and set up the welcome arrangement at the lobby.
omoi86_8 (448x336).jpg
Piling up huge Japanese cedar logs, a base was made.
omoi86_9 (448x336).jpg
The framework was made with Japanese red pine.
omoi86_10 (448x336).jpg
Apple and several types of berries were added.
omoi86_11 (448x336).jpg
All done!
omoi86_12 (448x336).jpg
With people involved in setting up the arrangement
omoi86_13 (448x336).jpg
In the evening, we had a Welcome Barbecue Party.
omoi86_14 (448x336).jpg
I used German for just  for the first few words with the help of a cheat sheet. Then I got my energy back with the delicious sausages!

On August 22, we had an all day long rehearsal at the theater.
omoi86_15 (448x336).jpg
I checked the progress of each work for the demonstration.
omoi86_16 (448x336).jpg
For the hanging works, I checked the lifting speed and the positions over and over again.
omoi86_17 (448x336).jpg
omoi86_19 (448x336).jpg
The colored pieces for the finale were assembled.
omoi86_20 (448x336).jpg
With people from Japan who came on a tour to cheer for us. My exhaustion immediately disappeared.
omoi86_21 (448x336).jpg
With people who were to help my demonstration. " I’m counting on you! "
omoi86_22 (448x336).jpg
In the evening, I went to the opening ceremony for the ikebana exhibition.
omoi86_23 (448x336).jpg
It was full of great works that I could not take my eyes off. They gave me a boost.

"Well, tomorrow is finally the day for my demonstration!"

To be continued…

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