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Vol. 87: European Regional Conference of Ikebana International in Potsdam, Germany (No. 3)

Finally the day for my demonstration has arrived.

omoi87_1 (448x336).jpg
With the demonstration team

omoi87_2 (448x336).jpg
Getting psyched right before the demonstration, to unite all our feelings! This preparation is now a regular custom for us.

omoi87_3 (448x252).jpg
First, a middle-sized work. Bamboo and Black bamboo were used for the framework and then Allium giganteum and Baby’s breath were added.

omoi87_4 (448x302).jpg
A small work using coloured materials which I found at the flower market.

omoi87_5 (448x299).jpg
The last work, being completed as objects in the colours of the German flag emerged on the back!

omoi87_6 (448x336).jpg
Long-lasting applause filled my heart…

omoi87_7 (448x336).jpg
I was asked for my autograph by numerous people

omoi87_8 (448x336).jpg
After the demonstration, I gave my portfolio to the theatre manager.

Thanks to everybody's support, my demonstration turned out to be extremely successful.
My gratitude goes to the Ikebana International executives, Sogetsu members, and the theatre people!

omoi87_9 (448x336).jpg

On the following day, we were free until the evening, so we did a little sightseeing in Berlin.
I had a Japanese lunch as it had been a while. The above is grilled ice cream for the dessert.

omoi87_10 (448x336).jpg
Looked around a flea market…

omoi87_11 (448x336).jpg
Then, I found kenzan! It was made in Holland and cost 5 euro (about 600 yen).

omoi87_12 (336x448).jpg
At the entrance hall of the Bode Museum where sculptures, paintings and coins of medieval Europe were the main collection.

omoi87_13 (448x336).jpg
The Sayonara Dinner was held in the evening on the last day. With an organ grinder as an attraction

omoi87_14 (448x336).jpg
They gave me a beautiful flower container.

On the day when we were leaving Germany, all our members visiting from Japan saw the Sanssouci Palace and the Cecilienhof Palace on the way to the airport.
omoi87_15 (448x336).jpg
omoi87_15_2 (448x336).jpg
In front of the Sanssouci Palace

omoi87_16 (448x336).jpg
The palace was on a hill, facing a huge garden.

omoi87_17 (448x336).jpg
The Cecilienhof Palace was also famous for having been the location of the Potsdam Conference. It was a modest building, far from the glamorous image of the word palace, but quaint and pleasant.

omoi87_18 (448x336).jpg
At the back of the palace. We enjoyed the tranquil scenery with wild flowers. I heard that the "Wall" separating East and West Germany used to be further down from here blocking this view.

omoi87_19 (448x336).jpg
In front of the Berlin Wall, our last destination.

My first German visit in a long while was greatly enjoyable and fulfilling from the beginning to the end.
Now I am fully involved in hectic everyday life as before and miss the days in Germany where time was passing slowly. I promise myself to take plenty of time to be fully relaxed when possible…

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