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Vol. 88: Nagano Branch Seminar

I visited Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture for the first time in 16 years for the Branch Seminar!

On my previous visit, however, I was still the Vice President, so this was my first Nagano Branch Seminar as Iemoto.

omoi88_1 (448x336).jpg
On September 13, just after arriving, I started the rehearsal at the Small Hall of the Matsumoto Performing Arts Center. It was a very nice space.

omoi88_2 (448x336).jpg
Materials got or grown by Ms. Biho Ide, Director of the Nagano Branch, had an authentic rusticity which we can’t get in Tokyo.

omoi88_3 (448x336).jpg
Thanks to powerful support of the branch members, the rehearsal went smoothly.

omoi88_4 (448x336).jpg
After the rehearsal, there was a get-together at the restaurant in the Center. Cheers with grape juice!

omoi88_5 (448x336).jpg
With the participants

omoi88_6 (448x336).jpg
Lastly, a big chorus of Shinano no Kuni, the Nagano Prefectural Song, by all of us together!

omoi88_7 (448x336).jpg
On September 14, the day for the seminar. Just before the curtain went up, I took pictures with the executives and steering committee members.

omoi88_8 (448x336).jpg
Now our custom, getting psyched up right before the start, uniting all our feelings!

omoi88_9 (448x299).jpg
The site was packed full with nearly 300 people.

omoi88_10 (448x299).jpg
Bamboo splitting performance at the beginning

omoi88_11 (448x299).jpg
I was so happy with the excellent flower materials.

omoi88_12 (299x448).jpg
I made 10 small works in total.

omoi88_13 (448x299).jpg

Next, "Request Ikebana," an impromptu arrangement using materials and containers selected by the audience.
Whenever I do this, I get nervous because nothing is predictable, but it is fun when the whole audience is so excited.

omoi88_14 (448x299).jpg
The last large work using bamboo for the framework

omoi88_15 (448x299).jpg
The autumn work complete using tons of the superb local materials.

omoi88_16 (448x299).jpg
After the seminar, a book signing was held.

omoi88_17 (448x336).jpg
On the way home, we visited the Matsumoto Castle, one of the National Treasures of Japan.

omoi88_18 (448x336).jpg
With Ms. Biho Ide, Director of Nagano Branch.

I could conduct a satisfying seminar thanks to dedicated support of the branch members.
I got much energy from the audience as they were close to me and seemed to be enjoying it a lot. The two days in Nagano where water, air and food were all delicious flew by.

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