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Vol. 90: Fukuoka Branch Exhibition, then to Osaka and Nara

This autumn as always, ikebana exhibitions are appearing with brilliant success all over Japan.

Last week I participated in the Fukuoka Branch Exhibition at Hakata Hankyu Department Store and visited "Treasures from the Sogetsu Art Collection," the exhibition currently being held at the Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art. On the following day, I went to Osaka to see the ceramic exhibition by Ms. Seiha Ishikawa who has been active since her days with Sofu, and extended my trip to the Nara Branch Exhibition organized around the historic area of Asuka village.

omoi90-1 (448x336).jpg
My participation in the Fukuoka Branch Exhibition was the first time in three years. I made a brief speech in front of other exhibitors, "Let's enjoy creating ikebana."

omoi90-2 (448x336).jpg
I arranged kaki in a container I made myself.

omoi90-3 (448x336).jpg
The framework was created by assembling the bamboo with nipplefruit.

omoi90-4 (448x336).jpg
Next, enkianthus perulatus, Unshiu orange, polyantha rose, and Japanese bittersweet were added.

omoi90-5 (448x336).jpg
To finish, an object in which split bamboo was set up in grids gave form to the installation.

omoi90-6 (448x336).jpg
The finished article!

omoi90-7 (448x336).jpg
With people of the Fukuoka Branch who helped my setup

omoi90-8 (448x336).jpg
On the first day of the exhibition, TV and newspapers covered the event.

omoi90-9 (448x336).jpg
Ikeru-chan appeared! This was her first visit to the branch exhibition!

omoi90-10 (448x336).jpg
omoi90-11 (448x336).jpg
omoi90-12-1 (448x299).jpg

omoi90-12-2 (448x299).jpg
It was a gorgeous exhibition of creations with brilliant colors by a wide range of exhibitors from well-experienced ikebanists to junior artists, making our hearts race.

omoi90-13 (448x336).jpg
After that, I headed toward the Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art for the "Treasures from the Sogetsu Art Collection—a journey of beauty with The Picasso of Flowers" and viewed the exhibits thoroughly one by one.

omoi90-14仮 (448x336).jpg
omoi90-15 (448x336).jpg
omoi90-16 (448x336).jpg
It was a valuable exhibition with an increased number of exhibits from the original one held at the Palace Hotel Tokyo this summer. There were several items that were new even to me. It was so satisfying that I wanted to visit it again and again.

omoi90-17仮 (448x336).jpg
A large bamboo installation by the Fukuoka Branch was also displayed.

On the following day, I visited the exhibition, celebrating Ms. Seiha Ishikawa’s 88-year old anniversary called beijyu.
omoi90-18R (448x336).jpg
She is still very energetic as always after celebrating her beiju.

omoi90-19 (448x336).jpg
All of her containers were distinctive and unique, so I could not help wanting to arrange ikebana with them.

I hope that she will keep on creating wonderful ikebana arrangements and ceramic works, while taking good care of her health.
omoi90-21 (448x336).jpg
I directly headed from Osaka to Nara and observed the Nara Branch Exhibition held in the whole area of Asuka village, "Eternal Asuka—From Ancient to Present and Future."

omoi90-20 (448x336).jpg
A bamboo installation towered up in front of the Stone Stage, which is said to be a tomb of Soga no Umako.

omoi90-22 (448x336).jpg
Another work displayed on the side of the Takamatsuzuka Kofun, famous for wall paintings in a burial chamber

omoi90-23 (448x336).jpg
At Tachibanadera Temple, known as the birthplace of Prince Shotoku. With the temple master and branch members.

omoi90-24 (448x336).jpg
Scenery where bamboo rings are spread all over! Cherish the harmony among people by connecting 6000 rings!

omoi90-25 (448x336).jpg
At Asukadera Temple, regarded as the oldest temple in Japan. With the temple master and branch members.

omoi90-26 (448x336).jpg
omoi90-27 (448x336).jpg
Various works were lined up inside and outside of old folk houses.

omoi90-28 (448x336).jpg
With the Nara Branch members. In addition to the works introduced above, the Sogetsu Ikebana flowers were blended all over Asuka village, making visitors joyous and happy.

It was three days when I was really fulfilled with a lot of refreshing ikebana works. 

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