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Vol. 92: Production of Glass Vases

I can really feel now that the sunshine becomes warmer day by day. Spring is just around the corner.
It was more than one month ago when I made glass vases at a glass workshop of the Tsukiyono Vidro Park in Minakami-machi, Gunma Prefecture; they will be used for the Sogetsu Exhibition at the Shinjuku Takashimaya Department Store in June.

First of all, thorough discussions based on the drawings were held.

The area near the furnace was extremely hot.

Blowing into shape little by little.

Moulding the shape.

The completed form gradually appeared.

During the production process, the details were checked over and over again.

The next vase should have a frosted finish inspired by ice blocks.

Lastly the mouth of the vase was shaped.

We moved to the next vase without taking a break. Protruded patterns were added to the surface like toffee.

It all went smoothly thanks to their superb teamwork.

Creating patterns inside the Suiban-type vase

Widening the mouth was possible with one-shot only!

Before I knew it, outside was completely dark. We had made 10 glass vases in about 6 hours!

With the artisans of the glass workshop who worked really hard for the production. Thank you so much!

If you wonder what kind of vases we could create, why don't you come to the Sogetsu Exhibition, “Watery Shapes, Windy Colors”. We are looking forward to seeing you!

≪SOGETSU IKEBANA EXHIBITION ― Watery Shapes Windy Colors≫
Takashimaya Dept. Shinjuku Store
June 4th. (Thu.)-June 9th. (Tue.)
First Half: June 4th. (Thu.)-June 6th. (Sat.)
Second Half: June 7th. (Sun.)-June 9th. (Tue.)
Open between 10:00 and 20:00 everyday (exception as follows)
Closes at 20:30 on June 5th. (Fri.)
Closes at 18:00 on June 6th. (Sat.) and 9th. (Tue.)
※Entrance closes 30 minutes before the exhibition closing time.

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