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Vol. 93: Japan Ikebana Art Chugoku Exhibition

The season of beautiful greenery is here. How are you doing in these refreshing days before the rainy season comes?

omoi93-1 (448x336).jpg
This time, I visited Hiroshima for the Japan Ikebana Art Chugoku Exhibition. This exhibition is held in Hiroshima for the first time in 23 years. The exhibitors are all thrilled.

omoi93-2 (448x336).jpg
First of all, with the ceramic container created by Mr. Kiyoyuki Kato, artworks made of Japanese cedar cut into rounds were built into the framework.

omoi93-3 (448x336).jpg
The princess tree was added there…

omoi93-4 (448x336).jpg
Then the smoke tree was arranged.

omoi93-5 (448x336).jpg
The leather flowers with beautiful hues were placed…

omoi93-6 (448x336).jpg
Finally, the dancinglady orchid was set to the back so as to add a subtle touch of color.

omoi93-7 (336x448).jpg
Done! The refreshing leather flowers are in beautiful bloom.

With the members of the Hiroshima Branch who helped with my ikekomi (arranging)

Works of the Sogetsu ikebanists reflecting their unique personalities
omoi93-9 (336x448).jpg

omoi93-10 (336x448).jpg

omoi93-11 (336x448).jpg

omoi93-12 (448x336).jpg

omoi93-13 (336x448).jpg

omoi93-14 (336x448).jpg

omoi93-15 (448x336).jpg

omoi93-16 (336x448).jpg

omoi93-17 (448x336).jpg


omoi93-18 (448x336).jpg
There is also a section exhibiting Miyajima Osunayaki pottery, a specialty of Hiroshima.

The second term started from Saturday, the 23rd
On the pleasant early summer day, the visitors enjoyed the rejuvenating power of plants in this spacious site.

Japan Ikebana Art Chugoku Exhibition
Dates: May 20th (Wed.) - 25th (Mon.), 2015
●First Term:20th (Wed.) - 22nd (Fri.)
●Second Term: 23rd (Sat.) - 25th (Mon.)
Iemoto’s work was exhibited in the whole period.
Time: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Venue: 9th Floor Exhibition Hall, Sogo Hiroshima Department Store, Main Building
Admission: 800 yen
Organized by: Japan Ikebana Art Association

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