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Vol. 94: The 50th Anniversary of Sogetsu in India

2016 is a commemorative year after 50 years of the establishment of the Sogetsu branch in India.
For this occasion, I visited New Delhi, India from February 24 to March 1 not only to celebrate this precious milestone but also to conduct the demonstration and workshop as well as create my work for the exhibition.

omoi94_2_IMG_1931 (448x336).jpg

Lobby of the hotel where I stayed. The decoration on the ceiling was splendid!

omoi94_3 P2258487 (448x336).jpg

On the following day, I visited the house of a branch member and checked containers first.

omoi94_4 P2258504 (448x336).jpg

Beautiful and perfectly maintained garden!


omoi94_5 P2258514 (448x336).jpg

omoi94_6 P2258517 (336x448).jpg 

They kindly allowed us to cut a lot of plants and flowers.

omoi94_7 P2258525 (448x336).jpg

I was interviewed for a magazine over the telephone while eating my lunch.

omoi94_8_IMG_1857 (448x336).jpg

At the garden of a different member

omoi94_9_IMG_1837 (448x336).jpg

omoi94_10_IMG_1846 (336x448).jpg

Here, I could obtain bright orange branches. Its common name is “coral tree” in the genus of Erythrina.

omoi94_11_IMG_1928 (448x336).jpg

On the second night, the welcome party was held with the attendance of Ambassador of Japan to India, H.E. Mr. and Mrs. Kenji Hiramatsu. The lady between the ambassador and me is Mrs. Leela Raj Kumar, the director of Bombay Branch.

omoi94_12_IMG_1912 (448x336).jpg

Performance of Ms. Sonam Kalra, a famous musician. It is fantastic music, classic yet contemporary.

omoi94_13_IMG_1923 (448x336).jpg

As a token of my appreciation for her wonderful performance, I gave her my book.

omoi94_14 P2268564 (448x336).jpg

On the third and fourth days, I carried out the workshops.

omoi94_15 P2268572 (448x336).jpg

Mrs. Veena Dass, Director of New Delhi Branch. This event could not have been realized without her tremendous efforts.

omoi94_16 P2268596 (448x336).jpg

Demonstration of sample ikebana using local flower materials.

omoi94_17 P2268602 (448x336).jpg

All the participants worked very seriously with the plants.

omoi94_18 P2268684 (448x336).jpg

Profound emotion of the creator is embedded in each work.

omoi94_19 P2278787 (448x336).jpg

After bringing all their skills to bear, they had broad smiles at the end.

omoi94_20 P2278817 (448x336).jpg

After the workshops, I did the rehearsal for the exhibition and demonstration.The person in front is Ms. Indu Punj who kindly lent us her marvelous house.

omoi94_21 P2278850 (448x336).jpg

For small works, materials unique to India were used.

omoi94_22 P2288873 (448x336).jpg

On the 5th morning, I did my ikekomi (arranging) for the exhibition.

omoi94_23 P2288890 (448x336).jpg

Washi, traditional Japanese paper brought from Japan was boldly arranged.

omoi94_24 P2288913 (448x336).jpg


omoi94_25 P2288919 (448x336).jpg

The exhibition site was very colorful in combination with all the brilliant saris worn by the participants!

omoi94_26 P2288930 (448x336).jpg

With Ms. Saveena Gadhoke who was so generous in providing us with flower materials.

omoi94_27 P2288947 (448x336).jpg

Ambassador H.E. Mr. and Mrs. Hiramatsu also participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

omoi94_28 P2288985 (448x336).jpg

With the people of the Embassy of Japan in India.

omoi94_29_IMG_1973 (448x336).jpg

On the 6th day, it's time for my demonstration. In the morning, I did the rehearsal for my large work.

omoi94_30 P2299041 (448x336).jpg

I checked thoroughly even at the far end from the stage.

omoi94_31 P2299045 (448x336).jpg

The demonstration started in the presence of Mrs. Salma Ansari, wife of India Vice President Hamid Ansari, Ambassador Mr. Kenji Hiramatsu and Mrs. Patricia Hiramatsu!

omoi94_32 P2299074 (448x336).jpg

omoi94_33 P2299081 (448x336).jpg

omoi94_34 P2299101 (336x448).jpg

I created 10 small works and one medium-sized work from the floor.

omoi94_35 P2299124 (448x336).jpg

The last small work is the celebration flower for the 50th anniversary using mizuhiki (traditional Japanese paper strings).

omoi94_36 P2299140 (448x336).jpg

The large work was made while mixing the Indian flower materials with the objet d'art made of washi papers.

omoi94_37 P2299164 (448x336).jpg

The completed work was illuminated!

omoi94_38 P2299186 (448x336).jpg

I received huge and warm applause from the audience!

omoi94_39 P2299190 (448x336).jpg

To show my gratitude for her presence, I gave my book to Mrs. Ansari.

omoi94_40 P2299209 (448x336).jpg

With the committee members of this event!

omoi94_41_IMG_2031 (448x336).jpg

The outdoor farewell party was held after the demonstration. So gorgeous!

omoi94_42_IMG_2034 (448x336).jpg

Commemorative photo with the members in beautiful saris.

omoi94_43_IMG_2056 (448x336).jpg

The Indians love music and dancing. I enjoyed every moment with them!

omoi94_44_IMG_2028 (336x448).jpg

A commemorative photo with hotel people!

What I could experience in my stay in India only for six days might be a tiny portion of enormously large India. Even so, I was totally amazed at the energetic power and bottomless potential of this country. And above all, what impressed me most were wonderful smiles of the positive and cheerful Sogetsu members in India! I will never forget the heartfelt hospitality that I received from them!

After passing the great milestone of the 50th anniversary, I sincerely hope that the members in India will work in unison to expand Sogetsu ikebana even more widely toward the 60th, 70th and the 100th anniversary.

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