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Vol. 97: The 98th Sogetsu Annual Exhibition "The flower becomes me."

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Finally, the Sogetsu 90th Anniversary Exhibition, “The flower becomes me.” started at the Nihombashi Takashimaya Department Store.

This was the commemorative event to go back again to the founding spirit of “free and liberated creation”, taking the opportunity of celebrating the 90th anniversary, and at the same time to connect our feelings and thoughts to the future of ikebana.

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Therefore, “Kikansha” (The Locomotive) of the first Iemoto Sofu (1st floor main entrance),

omoi97_3.1_IMG_6045 (448x336).jpg

omoi97_3.2_IMG_6043 (448x336).jpg

“Kankisai” (Joyful Festival) of the second Iemoto Kasumi (8th floor exhibition site / reproduced by Ms. Reiko Takenaka) and miniature works (8th floor exhibition site / reproduced by Ms. Reiko Takenaka and Ms. Katei Motoe), and

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omoi97_4.2_DSCN7160 (448x336).jpg

ceramic works and calligraphy of the third Iemoto Hiroshi (show windows) were displayed to follow in the footsteps of the Sogetsu School until the present.

omoi97_5_IMG_6033 (448x336).jpg

Furthermore, in the exhibition site on the 8th floor, quotations from the past Iemotos were sprinkled.

omoi97_6_IMG_5924 (448x336).jpg

In this exhibition, I challenged a new expression with bamboo.

omoi97_7_IMG_5900 (448x336).jpg

First, the bamboo materials, which were split into 16 pieces, were attached to the wall.

omoi97_8_IMG_5919 (448x336).jpg

Japanese apricot with moss and princess tree were arranged in the left container,

omoi97_9_IMG_5934 (448x336).jpg

in addition to the bright-colored idesia and fire thorn, and

omoi97_10_IMG_5952 (448x336).jpg

the split bamboo pieces were added one by one.

omoi97_11_IMG_5978 (448x336).jpg

On the right side, Japanese apricot with moss and pale pink Euonymus sieboldianus, contrasting with the material on the left side, were arranged. 

omoi97_12_IMG_5967 (448x336).jpg

On this side also, the split bamboo pieces were expanded daringly,

omoi97_13_IMG_6038 (448x336).jpg

as if bamboo behaved free-spiritedly but still gently wrapped around the plants inside.

omoi97_14_IMG_6035 (448x336).jpg

I expressed the subtle yet bold features of bamboo.

omoi97_15_IMG_6041 (448x336).jpg

I definitely wanted you to feel the huge energy emitted from the plants at the exhibition site!

omoi97_16_IMG_6001 (336x448).jpg

At the ikekomi area for the First Term, Ms. Senso Onaka, who is 102 years old this year, arranged a gorgeous work! (The vase she used is the glass container “Kaen” that I made and presented to her to honor her contributions at the 80th anniversary!)

omoi97_17_IMG_6049 (448x336).jpg

This year again we welcomed you with a variety of sections, including the works hanging on the walls, and 

omoi97_18_IMG_6036 (448x336).jpg

the section for Akane Junior Class (First and Second Terms: group works using craft tape and Third Term: individual works of fresh flowers).

I'm sure that you could feel our passion for the 90th anniversary in the exhibition held in the middle of the celebration period.


The 98th Sogetsu Annual Exhibition “The flower becomes me.”

Dates:       October 26 (Wed.) - 31 (Mon.), 2016

                   ・First Term: October 26 (Wed.) - 27 (Thu.)

                   ・Second Term: October 28 (Fri.) - 29 (Sat.)

                   ・Third Term: October 30 (Sun.) - 31 (Mon.)


Time:        10:30am – 7:30pm (Closing at 6:00pm on the Oct. 27th, 29th and 31st)


Venue:        Nihombashi Takashimaya Department Store (8th Floor)

                 Address: 2-4-1 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Inquiries:   Overseas Affairs Department

                 Email: overseas@sogetsu.or.jp

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