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Vol. 100: O JUN x Koji Tanada SEMEGU Exhibition

I’ve reached the 100th entry in this blog “A bunch of thoughts” where I have casually written about what I felt day by day!
It has taken nine years and four months since the start in April 2008. I have updated it 10 times a year on average, so the pace is quite slow, but I do hope that you will have the patience to keep on reading my blog!


This summer, there was no let up to the bad weather all over Japan.
I don’t think that I saw a clear blue sky in Tokyo at all.
As I love summer, this was disappointing and the ending was sad…

It wasn’t because of the poor weather, but I spent almost my entire summer in Tokyo, at leisure.

The only exception was my little trip to visit the O JUN x Koji Tanada SEMEGU Exhibition held at the Itami City Museum of Art in Hyogo Prefecture.
Mr. Koji Tanada is closely connected to Sogetsu as he taught at the Summer Seminar in 2014 and judged the New-Comer Award of the Sogetsu Exhibition.

He has gone on creating mysterious human figures from colored wood with a unique curving technique. Some figures are flying or hanging and others make strange poses. His sculptures have a very attractive transparency, which is inexpressible, suggesting a story behind the work.

In this exhibition, as a collaboration with painter O JUN, they did the demonstration with the theme of self-portrait during the exhibition. Mr. Tanada told me that he produced work every day while staying at a monthly rented apartment nearby.



I visited the site on July 19, the 12th day of the exhibition. It was filled with the sweet smell of freshly carved wood.


The feet are sticking out at the front


With Mr. Tanada and curator Ms. Okamoto (right). I enjoyed their witty conversation!


At this stage, only the feet have vaguely appeared. I did not know what the finished work would be like at all. 

I returned to Tokyo with a promise “I will visit the exhibition again to see the finished work!”


I visited the site again on the last day of the exhibition on August 27.

I went into the exhibition room, wondering what had happened to the work…


Mr. Tanada is still working on it...



So tight with only 4 hours left until closing, he may have been irritated inside, but he politely talked to me without getting cross at all.



In front of the almost-finished work



Unfortunately, I could not see O JUN again this time. This is the work created by O JUN during the demonstration. By the way, both works are naked, but that is just a coincidence.


Both Mr. Tanada and O JUN experimented with a demonstration of relief and oil painting which are not their strong points. I’m sure that they had a very hard time, but I felt the very crisp air at the site of the final day because of going through this long process.
I’m not sure where they will be exhibited in the future, but I would like to see them again somewhere.

This was my best memory of the summer!

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