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The Sogetsu School marked its 90th anniversary this year.
I have reached this point thanks to the deep understanding and warm support of a lot of people. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation here.

In April, the 90th Anniversary Celebrations and my first solo exhibition for six years, “HANA SO”, were held as the main events for this milestone. 

omoi98-1 (301x448).jpg

My solo exhibition was held at the Sogetsu Kaikan in Akasaka, Tokyo. It’s a very familiar space for the Sogetsu members.
The biggest challenge this time was how to transform it into an inspiring and exciting environment.
After a lot of thinking, I decided to entrust the venue design to design office nendo led by world-renowned designer Mr. Oki Sato, and arrange a collaboration with artists who belong to the Tomio Koyama Gallery.
Fortunately, both of them willingly accepted my request and the preparation for the solo exhibition started.

omoi98-2 (448x336).jpg

Volunteers participated in the production!

After exchanging opinions with Mr. Sato over and over again, a completely different world was produced, like nothing I have ever seen before. The space was covered with 40,000 mirror ivy leaves made of stainless steel plates.

omoi98-3 (448x299).jpg

Still feeling a bit intimidated by the overwhelming power of the mirror ivy leaves, the day of ikekomi (arranging) arrived and I was still wondering and worrying.

omoi98-4 (448x299).jpg


omoi98-4@ (448x299).jpg


omoi98-4@@ (448x299).jpg 

During ikekomi in Sogetsu Plaza 

However, once I started to arrange my works, the stone garden covered with mirror ivy leaves smoothly welcomed the plants. 

Then, a dazzling, mysterious space, in which the stone garden, mirror ivy leaves, and plants were totally fused into one, emerged. 

omoi98-5 (448x299).jpg


On the second floor, I brought the organic presence of plants to contrast with the works of the four artists placed in the completely white space. 

In the Japanese Room on the 5th floor as well, I approached the unique three-dimensional art works of the two artists with a feeling of fun. 

omoi98-6 (448x299).jpg


omoi98-7 (448x299).jpg

During ikekomi on the 2nd floor 

It was a thrilling moment when my works rose from the inspiration I felt as I faced the art works.  


omoi98-8 (448x299).jpg

Work arranged on the gosho guruma (court carriage) in Sogetsu Plaza



omoi98-9-2 (448x336).jpg

omoi98-9-3 (448x299).jpg


Works displayed on the 2nd floor




Works displayed on the 5th floor 

With this solo exhibition commemorating our 90th anniversary, I thought that I had achieved the goal of “challenging something new” which is the first step toward our centennial. 

I will report on the “90th Anniversary Celebrations” held at MAIHAMA Amphitheater in my next blog.

Don’t miss it! 


Period: April 5 (Wed.) to 10 (Mon.), 2017 *This exhibition has already ended.
Venue: SOGETSU KAIKAN (7-2-21 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo  Tel: 81-3-3408-1154)
Opening Hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm (Closing at 6:00 pm on April 5) (Opening at 8:00 am on April 9)
Admission Fee: Free
Venue Design: Nendo Inc.
Support Team: onndo
Cooperation for Special Exhibition: Tomio Koyama Gallery
Special Exhibition "Collaboration between Akane Teshigahara and Modern Art"
Invited Artists: Satoshi Ohno, Ellie Omiya, Kishio Suga, Rieko Hidaka, Satoshi Hirose, Keisuke Yamamoto

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