Sogetsu Teachers Association (STA)

The Sogetsu Teachers Association, or STA, consists of the Sogetsu Teachers Diploma holders from around the globe. With a rank equal to or higher than the Teachers Diploma Fourth Grade, the Sogetsu Teachers Association members hold either teaching or non-teaching membership. Actively engaged in Sogetsu Ikebana, the Sogetsu Teachers Association members continuously seek to advance themselves through a variety of activities including instruction by the Iemoto (headmaster), seminars at the Headquarters, and exhibitions.
For more information, please see the following articles " About Sogetsu Teachers Association (STA)". To join the Sogetsu Teachers Association, Please contact Services for Membership Department.

2019.02.13 NEW Special Workshop in English 2019 Spring at the Sogetsu Headquarters
2018.12.17 Iemoto's Workshop in Paris
2018.06.29 Upcoming Schedule of Overseas Textbook 5 Special Training Session
2018.04.02 Order Form for the Sogetsu Leaflet 2018
2018.02.05 Annual Activity Report, Members List and Election Report Forms (Due:May 31,2018)
2017.06.30 Replacement for Textbook 5 with Bookbinding Errors
2011.08.01 New Textbook Global Training Session
2011.07.05 Thank you for your generous donation for the Sogetsu victims of Great East Japan Earthquake
2010.04.01 About Sogetsu Teachers Association ("STA")
2010.01.06 Announcement of New textbooks

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