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Replacement for Textbook 5 with Bookbinding Errors

Recently, we have been receiving some claims that some pages in the Sogetsu Textbook 5 can be easily detached by the manufacturing defect.
We sincerely apologize that a certain amount of copies of Sogetsu Textbook 5 had bookbinding errors, and we would like to replace those textbooks for new ones.
In principle, the Textbook 5 with errors would be received by the Headquarters. However, if you have already filled in any notes in your textbook, please return only the Textbook Card on the last page so that you can keep the old textbook with you.

You can bring the damaged textbook or its card directly to the book shop on the 4th floor. 
If you prefer mail correspondences, please let us know the following information in writing (by E-mail or Fax):

1) Number of textbooks which you wish to replace
2) Your name
3) Your STA number
4) Your address

Contatact Information: Overseas Affairs Department, Sogetsu Foundation

If you are living in Japan, please refer the website below:

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