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Please apply for "The 6th Everyone's Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition" on the Facebook!

The Sogetsu ikebanists all over the world can participate in this program, so we look forward to your participation.
As this time is the year of the 90th anniversary, the theme is “Toward the future”. Please put your heart into the works for future !
If you have already applied to the Everyone's Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition, please apply again. If you have never applied, please feel free to apply with your friends and family! 


We will upload the pictures of all works sent to this competition on the special page of Facebook, “Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition”! In addition, Iemoto Akane Teshigahara will judge the works, and wonderful prizes and vases will be presented to the award winners ! We welcome your applications!

Sponsorship Sogetsu Foundation
Place On the special page of Facebook, “Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition”
Applicant period June 1, 2017 - August 31, 2017 (Entry must arrive by August 30.)
Upload term Half a year from October 2, 2017
Announcement of the prize winner October 2, 2017
On the Sogetsu Website
& the special page of the Facebook, “Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition”
Qualifications The person who is/will be studying Sogetsu Ikebana
Theme Toward the future
How to Apply

Download the dedicated application form,  

fill out the form, and send it to together with an image of your work via email.
If there is any omission or insufficiency in the application form and/or attached image, or if the organizer has discovered that one person applied several times, that person will be disqualified and the work image submitted will not be uploaded.


1.  The work should be an arrangement created by the applicant. Application can be made only once. Collaboration is not acceptable.
2.  Put Sekisatsu or a nameplate in the photo so that the name of the applicant can be recognized from the photo.
3.  The size of the work should be within about 1 m × 1 m × 1 m. The work should be an arrangement made after February 1, 2017.

4.  The work should be arranged only for this Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition. (Any work created for another event or exhibition is not acceptable.)
5.  Once you have applied, you cannot replace the submitted work with another one.
6.  Digitally altering the photo is not allowed.
All the submitted works will be uploaded to the special page of Facebook, “Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition”, in principle. However, please understand that the organizer has the sole discretion to determine that the work is not appropriate to upload, and such image will not be displayed on the Facebook page.

Exhibitor’s Fee
Commendation Golden Moon Prize / One person Prize: The golden moon prize vase, manufactured by Sogetsu Ceramic Kiln, which is not for sale Judge: Akane Teshigahara (the 4th Iemoto of the Sogetsu School)
Silver Moon Prize / Two or Three persons
Prize: The silver moon prize vase, manufactured by Sogetsu Ceramic Kiln, which is not for sale  Judge: Akane Teshigahara (the 4th Iemoto of the Sogetsu School)
Ikeru-chan Prize  Prize: Someting ikeru-chan item Judge: Ikeru-chan (Sogetsu official character mascot)
Application & Reference  Public Relations Department
Sogetsu Foundation
TEL: +81-3-3408-1158

The 5th Everyone's Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition on Facebook - Award Winners Announcement

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