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The 5th Everyone's Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition on Facebook - Award Winners Announcement

We received 166 entries from across the world.
Thank you very much for your participation!
Special Facebook page for The Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition

This time, as a special exhibition to commemorate the Sogetsu 90th Anniversary, we requested works to celebrate this special occasion. 
After careful consideration by Akane Teshigahara, the 4th Iemoto of the Sogetsu School, three works have been selected to receive the prizes.
This time, the Ikeru-chan Prize for junior applicants and the "Sogetsu Magazine" Prize selected by the magazine staff were also awarded. 



Golden Moon Prize
Hiraiwa Hisae(Japan)


Materials: Red willow, Flamingo lily
Container: Self-made ceramic vase
Iemoto's Comment : The work shows the movement of light and comfortable space through the use of lines in the structure. The unique shape of the container is utilized and resonates well with the lines of red willow with which natural expression is effectively introduced. The rising image of flamingo lilies also shows the movement and makes us feel the connection with the lines. By thoroughly maintaining the simplicity, the entire work has a volume and becomes more impressive.



Silver Moon Prize
Sandra Jumikis(Australia)

Sandra Jumikis(銀の月賞)

Materials: Grape vine, Chinese peony
Container: Ceramic vase
Iemoto's Comment : Grape vines and the mysterious texture of the container are combined to create a unique universe. For the Chinese peony arranged one by one, their sizes and levels of blooming are well calculated so that they have a great presence. The work is simple but makes us feel tension, and shows an exquisite ability of expression by making the best use of the interesting features of the plants.



Silver Moon Prize
Suzuki Akemi(Japan)


Materials: Pincushion, Protea cynaroides, Dancinglady orchid, Camellia, Wisteria, Salix gracilistyla, Rose, Shimenawa, Mizuhiki
Container: Ceramic vase
Iemoto's Comment : Celebration is expressed using the form of binding. The Protea cynaroides has an impact, but sensitive movement by the pincushion, the Dancing Lady Orchid, and rose hips as well as the color variations are also important points in this work. It has strength and gentleness at the same time and is a wonderful work which creates a radiant, festive mood.



Ikeru-chan Prize

岡崎弘樹(いけるちゃん賞・8歳)Okazaki Hiroki(8 years old)
Materials: New Zealand flax, Gerbera
Container: Iron vase

安部優真(いけるちゃん賞・7歳)Abe Yuma(7 years old)
Materials: Barroom plant, Lilium maculatum ssp.maculatum, Glory lily, Asparagus densiflorus cv. Myers
Container: Ceramic vase

舘林歩花(いけるちゃん賞・13歳)Tatebayashi Ayuka(13 years old)
Materials: Siberian dogwood, Chrysanthemum, Baby's breath
Container: Ceramic vase



The"Sogetsu Magazine"Prize

Silvia Barucci(季刊『草月』賞)Silvia Barucci(Italy)
Materials: Cattleya, Dry leaves
Container: Self-made ceramic vase

Anne Justo(季刊『草月』賞)Anne Justo(Italy)
Materials: Flamingo lily, Unconventional material
Container: Ceramic vase

中村寿美子(季刊『草月』賞)Nakamura Sumiko(Japan)
Materials: Balloon, Gomphocarpus fruticosus, Dracaena concinna, Lady palm
Container: Glass vase

Sandra Marker(季刊『草月』賞)Sandra Marker(Australia)
Materials: Crape myrtle, Rhodanthe roseum, Computer parts, Pebbles
Container: Ceramic vase



【Iemoto's Comment】
For the "5th Annual Everyone's Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition" on Facebook, the works were submitted under the theme of the 90th Anniversary Celebration Arrangement to commemorate this occasion. Thank you very much for your active participation in this event. We received a lot of applications not only from Japan but also from all over the world.
This time, the passion you all displayed to celebrate our 90th year created a sense of unity. Unlike previous exhibitions which had freely selectable themes, this exhibition had one single common theme. When I looked at each work, each interpretation of the theme and the structure of the works showed the individuality of each artist so that I could recognize that there were a wide range of expressions. Your "celebration arrangements" were filled with unique ideas and originality and deserve to be called Sogetsu Ikebana, and your excellent abilities of expression made me proud of you at a time when we try to spread our wings towards the future.
With regard to the photographing of the works, I feel that the quality of the images has greatly improved each time. Some applicants considered the environment in which the arrangement would be placed and used it to create a dramatic impact. You may find a hint for taking better pictures in an unexpected place.
You can learn a lot from the submitted works, so while exchanging inspirations with your colleagues, please continue to submit your work for this exhibition in the future. I am greatly looking forward to seeing your work again next time.

Akane Teshigahara
Iemoto of Sogetsu School



All the works submitted to the 5th Everyone's Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition on Facebook will be exhibited in the Special Facebook page. We hope you will enjoy it!
Special Facebook page for The Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition
Duration of the exhibition: February 1 - July 31, 2017.

We plan to hold the 6th Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition.  Application requirement for the 6th Exhibition will be announced at a future date. Please wait for it to be posted. 
Reference information: Application requirement for the 5th Exhibition 

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