Message from Akane Teshigahara


It will soon be 90 years since Sofu Teshigahara founded the Sogetsu School with its passion for free creation.

His conviction ― Flowers become human in ikebana ― has been faithfully handed down until today as the starting point of the Sogetsu School.

On the occasion of the Sogetsu 90th Anniversary,
we need to remind ourselves of this founding spirit and seriously consider what Sogetsu Ikebana can do now and what we should do for the future.

As Sofu and his successors Kasumi and Hiroshi did, we, the Sogetsu School, have expressed our emotions using plants and flowers and distributed these creations as messages, thereby connecting people, communities and the world.

What "I" think and feel becomes a flower and millions of these flowers gather together and become the strong current of Sogetsu. This flow starting from Japan leads to the world and expands infinitely...

Sogetsu School has bloomed and will bring into bloom various "flowers in the hearts" at any place on the planet while each one of us takes a turn to play a main role in that.

"The flower becomes me."
With this theme of the 90th anniversary, let's move forward energetically towards the future, together with people all over the world.

Akane Teshigahara
Sogetsu School

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