Sogetsu HQ Building

Sogetsu HQ Building

Sogetsu Foundation

The Sogetsu Kaikan
2-21, Akasaka 7-chome,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8505

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The opening dates and hours
Mondays through Fridays: 9:30am-5:30pm
4th Saturday of the month: 9:30am-3:00pm (in principle)
* Subject to alteration

1st Floor : Sogetsu Plaza

The Sogetsu Plaza was designed by a world-famous artist, Isamu Noguchi. The plaza, a rock garden titled Ò Tengoku Ó (heaven) is a sculpture work of Today, this plaza is used for the construction of works for the Sogetsu Summer Seminars and the exhibitions of Sogetsu artists. It is lent out to non-Sogetsu groups as well, mainly for exhibitions of art works such as calligraphy and paintings.

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The Sogetsu Plaza

Basement 1st Floor : Sogetsu Hall

Seating up to 530 people, Sogetsu Hall is suitable for various events including musical concerts, films, plays, and seminars. Open to non-Sogetsu events as well, the Sogetsu Hall is a popular venue for all occasions.

Sogetsu Hall

5th Floor : Classroom / Japanese Room

In this Japanese Room, the Master/Visiting Instructors of the headquarters present demonstrations for guests from overseas upon request, which are always appreciated immensely. A beautiful Japanese tearoom and a small stone garden add an even higher art value to this Japanese Room.
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2nd Floor : Lounge

Relaxation area for Sogetsu Teachers’ Association members.

Restaurant Bara (rose)


Used for International Class, Junior Class, Ceramics Class, etc.

3rd Floor : Sogetsu Headquarters Office

Offices for: Sogetsu Teachers' Association, processing certificates/diplomas, events of Sogetsu Headquarters, course administration, overseas affairs, etc.

Sogetsu Foundation
2-21, Akasaka 7-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8505, JAPAN
Tel. +81-3-3408-1151
Fax. +81-3-3405-4947


For publications such as magazines and other ikebana books

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For containers, kenzan , and other ikebana equipment

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Sogetsu School Osaka

15-6F, Osaka Eki Mae 4th Bilding
600, 11-4, Umeda 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 530-0001

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