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Sogetsu Magazine 2017 Spring is on Sale !

Sogetsu marks its 90th anniversary under the leadership of Iemoto Akane who received the torch that had been passed from Sofu to Kasumi to Hiroshi before her.
Let’s start the new beginning looking towards the centennial with Iemoto Akane!
Here is the 90th Anniversary issue of the Sogetsu magazine. 


This issue features the fourth Iemoto Akane Teshigahara! Please enjoy “Akane’s flowers” and her words, woven with her profound sensitivity in a quest for new encounters. In “Akanepedia”, you can see Iemoto Akane’s true self!
The guest for the Iemoto’s interview is Mr. Oki Sato of design office nendo.
They spoke about Iemoto’s solo exhibition coming up in April as well as the essence of ikebana and design.


In the featured article on Sogetsu ikebanists, twenty artists arranged flowers using vases made by Iemoto Akane and presented a gorgeous selection of arrangements for celebrations in a jubilee for the 90th anniversary.


In the new series, “Flowers of the Four Iemotos”, their works using the same material are introduced. In “Key Points of the New Textbook”, the highlights of new Sogetsu Textbook 5 are explained within the scope of the curriculum.

Sogetsu Magazine 2017 Spring Item.No. A5073

A4(297mm×210mm)・88 pages
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You may download the order form and fax it to us at: 81-3-57705607.
We will send a reply an estimate, if you let us know the contents of your order by fax.
(Please send the payment in Japanese yen.)

You can pay your Sogetsu magazine annual subscription online.
This service is only for the Sogetsu magazine annual subscription.
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