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Sogetsu Magazine 2017 Winter is Now on Sale!

We introduce The Sogetsu Annual Exhibition held at the Nihombashi Takashimaya Department Store to commemorate our 90th Anniversary, before the others.


The photographs on the front cover and the fold-out gallery page were taken at Nihombashi Takashimaya. Please enjoy the Iemoto’s ikebana work resonating with an important cultural property.

The guest for the Iemoto’s interview is sculptor Mr. Koji Tanada. They talked about their thoughts on creative production.


The featured article by Sogetsu ikebanists is called “To the New World.” The ikebana works of the 6 artists are introduced using pure white snow as a background.


Beginning in this issue, we feature a new essay series by Ms. Elle Omiya. Please enjoy her essay written with her affectionate and exquisite way of looking at plants, along with her painting.


Sogetsu Magazine 2017 Winter Item.No. A5082

A4(297mm×210mm)・88 pages
An order form :PDF data (ORDERFORM.pdf : 622.3 KB) download
You may download the order form and fax it to us at: 81-3-57705607.
We will send a reply an estimate, if you let us know the contents of your order by fax.
(Please send the payment in Japanese yen.)

You can pay your Sogetsu magazine annual subscription online.
This service is only for the Sogetsu magazine annual subscription.
Please order them here.

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