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Sogetsu Calendar 2019 on Sale!

12 Ikebana Works by Teshigahara Akane,fourth Iemoto of the Sogetsu School.
It introduces flower materials and vases in English.
The perfect Christmas gift for your ikebana friends & family.

“HANA SO” Buy five get one free promotion! (until Nov 30, 2018)
※1 free copy is added if you purchase 5 copies or more.
※The airmail should be postmarked (and Email or FAX should be received) on or before Nov 30 (Japan Time).)



Price 1,575 YEN
Language: English
Product Dimensions: (W/H) 361mm/515mm
Shipping Weight: 350g
Publisher: Sogetsu Bunkajigyo Co., Ltd.

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