Iemoto Class (Osaka)

Iemoto Class for All Levels of Learners

This Iemoto class is open for everyone from beginners to advanced learners. To be able to view all the completed works and to listen to the Instructor’s comments on them is a special advantage for the students. Six well-reputed Master Instructors and Iemoto Akane Teshigahara take turns to be in charge of this class, which allows the students to learn from various approaches.

Application for the class is accepted at any time. Certificates can be acquired.


Day : 1st, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays and Thursdays of the month
Time : 10:00 and 14:00 (and 18:00 on Wednesdays)
Fee for Overseas Sogetsu Members : 5,000 yen (including the material fee) / lesson
Trial Lesson Fee :

3,240 yen (including the material fee)

(The trial lesson is available only once for those with no previous experience of studying Sogetsu Ikebana.)

Class Observation: Visitors are always welcome!

* Please choose three lessons a month among the above-mentioned days and times.

The classes are given in Japanese.
English-speaking assistance is not available.
The class schedule and the Instructor may occasionally change.

Reservation form

The application can be also made by Email.
For more information, please contact Course Administration Department.

January 2018
W1/10 & R1/11 Shinobu Okazaki  
W1/17 & R1/18 Ken katayama  
W1/31 & R2/1 Kazuko Nakada  
February 2018
W2/7 & R2/8 Sozan Nakamura  
W2/14 & R2/15 Kumiko Kato  
W2/28 & R3/1 Tanho Tagaya  
March 2018
W3/7 & R3/8 Ken katayama  
W3/14 & R3/15 Shinobu Okazaki  
W3/28 & R3/29 Sozan Nakamura  
April 2018
W4/4 & R4/5 Kumiko Kato  
W4/11 & R4/12 Shinobu Okazaki  
W4/25 & R4/26 Kazuko Nakada  
May 2018
W5/9 & R5/10 Kumiko Kato
W5/23 & R5/24 Sozan Nakamura
W5/30 & R5/31 Junga Shinozaki  
June 2018
W6/6 & R6/7 Kazuko Nakada  
W6/13 & R6/14 Shinobu Okazaki  
W6/27 & R6/28 Ken katayama  
July 2018
W7/4 & R7/5 Ken katayama  
W7/11 & R7/12 Junga Shinozaki  
W7/25 & R7/26 Sozan Nakamura  
August 2018
W8/1 & R8/2 Kumiko Kato  
W8/8 & R8/9 Kazuko Nakada  
W8/29 & R8/30 Junga Shinozaki  

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