Akane Junior Class

Akane Junior Class  for children from 3 years old up to senior high school students

This ikebana class is designed to foster originality and creativity as well as good sense of color and ability to concentrate in each child through the repeated fun of creation by composing plants. The arrangements for seasonal events such as Tanabata (Star Festival) and Christmas are also included. Certificates can be acquired after completion of Sogetsu Textbooks.

Class observation and trial lesson are available.


Instructor : Akane Teshigahara, Iemoto of Sogetsu School
Day : Three Fridays of each month
Time : Anytime between 14:00 and 19:00 (Please come to the classroom by 18:00)
Initial Fee : 5,910 yen (once at the beginning)
Monthly Fee : 12,420 yen (for three lessons including the material fee)
Cost of Necessary Tools: 6,900 yen (for ikebana scissors, a flower bag, an apron and a notebook)
Trial Lesson Fee : 2,340 yen (including the material fee

Class Observation: Visitors are always welcome!
The classes are given in Japanese.
English-speaking assistance is not available.
The class schedule and the Instructor may occasionally change.

Reservation form How Akane Junior Class Is Held

The application can be also made by Email.
For more information, please contact Course Administration Department.

Tel. +81-3-3408-1209 (9:30~17:30)
Fax. +81-3-3405-4947
Email. kyoshitsu@sogetsu.or.jp

January 2018 1/12 & 19 & 26 Akane Teshigahara Iemoto 

Hiromi Sugioka

February 2018 2/9 & 16 & 23 Akane Teshigahara Iemoto 

Hiromi Sugioka

March 2018 3/9 & 16 & 30 Akane Teshigahara Iemoto 

Hiromi Sugioka

April 2018 4/6 & 20 & 27   Akane Teshigahara Iemoto

Hiromi Sugioka

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