International Class

International Class

Given in English, International Class is available and attended mainly by non-Japanese speakers. The class is also open to all levels and offers one-time only introductory lesson for the first time learners.


Day Every Monday except national holidays
Time 10:00am-12:00pm
Fee(per lesson) 4,100 yen(including the material fee)
Trial Lesson Fee 4,100 yen(including the material fee)

Reservation form

The application can be also made by Email.

For more information, please contact Course Administration Department.

Tel. +81-3-3408-1209 (9:30~17:30)
Fax. +81-3-3405-4947


Schedule of International Class

Month Date Instructor
July 2018 2 Suikei Sakaguchi
9 Misei Ishikawa
23 Koka Fukushima
30 Yoka Hosono
No class on the 16th.
August 2018 *No class in August.
September 2018 3 Suikei Sakaguchi
10 Suisen Takagi
No class on the 16th & 24th.
October 2018 1 Suikei Sakaguchi
15 Yoka Hosono
22 Suisen Takagi
29 Misei Ishikawa
No class on the 8th.
November 2018 5 Suikei Sakaguchi
12 Suisen Takagi
19 Koka Fukushima
26 Yoka Hosono
December 2018  3 Misei Ishikawa
10 Koka Fukushima
17 Suikei Sakaguchi
No class on the 24th & 31th.
January 2019 7 Koka Fukushima
21 Misei Ishikawa
28 Suisen Takagi
No class on the 14th
February 2019 4 Suikei Sakaguchi
18 Yoka Hosono
25 Misei Ishikawa
No class on the 14th
March 2019 4
Yoka Hosono
11 Suisen Takagi
18 Koka Fukushima
25 Suikei Sakaguchi

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