As of July 15, 2022, "Shop Flora" on the 4th floor of Sogetsu Kaikan has reopened as a store selling books, iron vases, Sogetsu Toubou original vases, and other ikebana tools such as vases and scissors. We aim to make the store even more convenient and enjoyable for customers to purchase Sogetsu goods. We look forward to serving you.

More privileges every other week! Renewal Campaign now underway!

As part of our renewal campaign, we have prepared several special offers.
The announced special offers will be available throughout the campaign period, even after the next special offer starts.
Don’t miss out!
*Some campaigns have limited quantities.

Part 1 Special Discount Sale July 15 (Fri.), 2022〜

Applicable products are some vases, scissors, kenzan, and flower bags.
Please check directly at the store or see the product list at the bottom of this page.

Part 2 Lucky Bag July 25, (Mon.) 2022〜

Quantities are limited, so be sure to get yours soon!
1 piece / 1,000 yen (tax included)
*The offer will end as soon as the product is sold out.

Part 3 Sogetsu original green tea August 8, (Mon.) 2022〜

Sogetsu original green tea will be given away.
The tea will be given to customers who visit the store and purchase products on a first-come, first-served basis.
*Please note that there is a limit to the number.

Sale Items


  • Basic round water basin
    Color variation:Black, white, red, blue, and Enji
    Price:4,000 yen →
    Sale price:3,600 yen
    Item numbers:Black K6300 / White K6301 / Red K6302 / Blue K6303 / Enji K6304


This is a vase for practice.
It can be used at any time and any place.
This product is all glossy.

  • Special Nageire Cylinder
    Color variation:White, black, and red
    Price:3,000 yen →Sale price:2,000 yen
    Item numbers:White K6312 / Black K6313 / Red K6314


Price:4,600 yen →
Sale price:3,200 yen
Item number:K6000
  • Sumire
    This is a standard product for practice. This is a product for beginners, but it is also recommended for everyday use. This is a handmade product.
Price:8,455 yen →
Sale price:5,800yen
Item number:K6001
  • Latte
    It is a popular product that fits easily in women’s hands and looks stylish.
Price:13,100 yen →
Sale price:10,000 yen
色: ピンクゴールド(スーパーコート金属調)
Item number:K6002
  • Hanaakari
    These scissors are inspired by the image of cherry blossoms in full bloom, which makes the area feel slightly brighter even at night. The color of the paint on these shears is very comfortable and elegant. With a sack for the tip of the blade.
Price:7,500 yen →
Sale price:5,800 yen
Case: Synthetic leather
Shears size : 16.5cm
Case size : 1 length 19.5cm x width 7.3cm
Item number:K6003
  • Tsubaki
    Shears decorated with the colors of camellia. The brown shears case has the SOGETSU logo and fits the entire case.
    *Scheduled to arrive in late August, 2022.
Price:11,500 yen →
Sale price:9,000 yen
Item number:K6004
  • DX (Deluxe)
    Outstanding sharpness. The surface is plated with a special 2-layer plating to prevent rusting. The body of the scissors is stamped with Sogetsu’s logo.
    *Scheduled to arrive in late October, 2022.
Price:30,000 yen →
Sale price:26,000 yen
Item number:K6005
  • Akane
    Engraved with Iemoto Akane’s mark. The surface is gold plated. Please be aware that the plating will peel off during long use.
    *Scheduled to arrive in late October, 2022.
Price:14,500 yen →
Sale price:11,000 yen
Item number:K6006
  • Stainless steel
    Made of popular all stainless steel, rust-resistant and easy to clean. The shears are engraved with the Sogetsu logo and the signature “AKANE”.
Price:5,300 yen →
Sale price:4,800 yen
Item number:K6007
  • Junior
    The body of the scissors is stamped Sogetsu.
Price:8,000 yen →
Sale price:6,500 yen
Item number:K6013
  • Kusa (Kanji for “grass” in “Sogetsu School”)
    The body of the scissors is stamped Sogetsu.
Price:4,800 yen →
Sale price:4,546 yen
Item number:K6014
  • Tsuki (Kanji for “moon” in “Sogetsu School”)
    The body of the scissors is stamped Sogetsu.
Price:4,600 yen →
Sale price:4,000 yen
Item number:K6015
  • Nagare (Kanji for “school” in “Sogetsu School”)
    For beginners. The body of the scissors is stamped Sogetsu.

Flower bag

Shop Flora Shopping Guide (Books and official goods)

In person at the shops

4th floor of Sogetsu Kaikan.
Hours:Monday-Friday 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Address:2-21, Akasaka 7-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

Mail Order and Online Order

The Mail order system is available for your purchase from Shop Flora. Please use the form below.
You can also order  by FAX.

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