We regret to announce that Spring Seminar 2020 on 17th and 18th April  is called off due to the effect of COVID-19.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Please accept our sincere apology and thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

The Sogetsu Kaikan is closed on Sat 18th.

Overseas Affairs Department,
Sogetsu Foundation
E-mail: overseas@sogetsu.or.jp
Tel: 81-3-3408-1151

The theme: Playful Mind

” Playful Mind” is the overall theme for Spring Seminar 2020. All 8 workshops will stimulate your sense of “play ” in their own way and  help you re-discover how exciting to be “playful” in your creation.
Just like when you were a child, set your mind free and have fun!

※Due to the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic 2020 ,our usual Summer Seminar will be held in  April 2020 instead of in the summer.

※We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Please accept our sincere apology and thank you in advance for your kind understanding. 

Date: April 17 (Fri) – 18 (Sat), 2020
Time: 10:30 am – 5:00 pm (including lunch break)
Venue: Sogetsu HQ
STA members 15,700 yen (*STA fully paid-up members of 2020)
Non STA members (under 4th Certificate) 18,850 yen
*Lunch and materials fee are  included.

Registration deadline: April 3 (Fri), 2020

If you would like to attend the Spring Seminar 2020, please register  through the Overseas Affairs Department.
You can download the following forms:

(1) Spring Seminar 2020(Instructor & Theme)
(2) Spring Seminar_ Application and Payment Form 2020
(3) Spring Seminar2020_Payment form for laguage assistant (if you need)

Please fill in the attached application and payment form/s ((2) & (3) above) and return it/them to us by e-mail.

*We accept applications on a first-come-first served basis. Application will close when registration for each class reaches capacity.

*This seminar is held in Japanese. If you require English speaking assistance, please request it. The transportation fee and lunch box charge for the language assistant volunteer should be paid by the attendee.


●Mayu Shiomi (Contemporary Artist)
“Make an art work with wrapping materials”
(Turn outside in and inside out!)

●Hirotaka Tobimatsu (Porcelain Lighting Artist) and Ryota Fujimura (Ceramic Artist)
“Give an additional coat with white porcelain”
(Make a ceramic work from your container without using clay. Pursue new possibilities created by re-firing.)
*shipping fee of your work will be charged later.

●Motohiro Tomii (Artist)
“Create disproportionate/imbalanced objects with paper materials”
(Why does it catch your attention? What do we actually look at?)

●Saki Chikaraishi (Artist)
“Create lacework with fresh flowers displayed on the windows which look out on the greenery of Akasaka Palace”
(Maximize the decorative features of flowers.)

●Shinobu Okazaki (Master Instructor of the Sogetsu HQ)
“Bandages, but not just bandages! -re-inventing the Sogetsu Hall stage with the white surfaces and artistic objects made of thin wooden pieces by each participant-”
(Set aside fixed ideas and bring your keen observation and playful mind.)

●Bisen Sumide (Master Instructor of the Sogetsu HQ)
“Playful mind -Gold, silver, and rainbow colors-”
(Discover the shining secrets of ikebana [of Line, Color, and Mass].)

●Katei Motoe (Master Instructor of the Sogetsu HQ)
“Copper sheet, expand its image in Sogetsu Plaza”
(Make use of the material with courage and playfulness.)

●Noboru Yokozawa (Sogetsu Atelier Staff)
“It’s spring! cherry-blossom viewing! and forging!”
(Forge a small ikebana container by hammering heated iron at Sogetsu Atelier, which may be a unique experience in our life!)
Note: This class consists of a half-day forging experience and visiting other classes after/before that. Up to 14 participants are accommodated each in the morning (10:30~13:45) and in the afternoon (12:45~16:00) due to the limited space of forging.

Event information

Sogetsu Kaikan
April 17 (Fri) – 18 (Sat), 2020
10:30 am – 5:00 pm
7-2-21 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 1078505
草月会 事業部 事業課
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