Men's Ikebana

Men’s Exclusive Class

This ikebana class for male students, inaugurated in 1982, is designed for those who feel embarrassed in classes where the most of the students are women, or those who want to extend the “masculine” sensibility.

Three Instructors take turns to teach the students, in their 20’s to 60’s, including beginners, those who are hoping to become artistic creators, and prospective ikebana teachers. The class schedule is relatively flexible with the students, who are privileged to attend the Teachers’ Workshop, the highest-level class in Sogetsu.

Application for the class is acceptable at any time. Certificates can be acquired.

Day : 1st, 2nd, and 4th Fridays of the month (in principle)
No classes in August
Time : Anytime from 18:00 to 20:30
Fee for Overseas Sogetsu Members : 5,540 yen (including the material fee) / lesson
Trial Lesson Fee : 3,240 yen (including the material fee)
(The trial lesson is available only once for men without previous experience of studying Sogetsu Ikebana.)

Class Observation: Visitors are always welcome!
The classes are given in Japanese.
English-speaking assistance is not available.
The class schedule and the Instructor may occasionally change.

Reservation form

The application can be also made by Email.
For more information, please contact Course Administration Department.

Tel. +81-3-3408-1209 (9:30~17:30)
Fax. +81-3-3405-4947

January 2019
1/11 Misei Ishikawa
1/18 Kumiko Kato
February 2019
2/1 Kosa Nishiyama
2/8 Kumiko Kato
2/22 Kosa Nishiyama
March 2019
3/1 Misei Ishikawa
3/15 Kumiko Kato
3/22 Kosa Nishiyama
3/29 Misei Ishikawa
April 2019
4/5 Kumiko Kato
4/12 Misei Ishikawa
4/26 Kosa Nishiyama
May 2019
5/10 Kosa Nishiyama
5/17 Kumiko Kato
6/7 Kosa Nishiyama
June 2019
6/21 Kumiko Kato
6/28 Misei Ishikawa
7/5 Misei Ishikawa
July 2019
7/19 Kumiko Kato
8/2 Kosa Nishiyama
8/9 Misei Ishikawa
No Class in August 2019 
September 2019
8/30 Misei Ishikawa
9/13 Kumiko Kato
9/20 Kosa Nishiyama
October 2019
9/27 Kosa Nishiyama
10/11 Misei Ishikawa
10/18 Kumiko Kato
November 2019
10/25 Misei Ishikawa
11/1 Kumiko Kato
11/8 Kosa Nishiyama
Desember 2019
11/29 Kosa Nishiyama
12/6 Misei Ishikawa
12/13 Kumiko Kato
January 2020
1/10 Misei Ishikawa
1/17 Kumiko Kato
1/31 Kosa Nishiyama
February 2020
2/7 Kumiko Kato
2/21 Misei Ishikawa
2/28 Kosa Nishiyama
March 2020
3/6 Misei Ishikawa
3/13 Kosa Nishiyama
3/27 Kumiko Kato

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