Text5 Special Training session

Since 2016, Many members joined the training sessions of textbook 5 by Master Instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarters to learn the detailed explanations of each theme and the method of teaching for Textbook 5.
The sessions ended at the end of March 2019 and for those haven’t been able to take the training yet, we start the loan of DVD to individuals.

This is for the teaching members who haven’t taken the training and the DVD includes lectures and demonstrations to teach Text5.

*DVD is strictly for the loan only. After session, need to return it to the Sogetsu Headquarters immediately.
*those who can apply for the loan are the STA members who haven’t completed Textbook 5.
*the application by Branch / Study Group for “Text5 Special Training Session(Self-study session using DVD by Branch/ Study Group)” is still open. The application process is the same as before.


2 ways are available for the application of the loan.

A: Visit our website and read through the guidance for the loan. After accepting the terms and conditions, download the application form and send it to Overseas Affairs Department by e-mail.(overseas@sogetsu.or.jp).

B: contact us by e-mail.(overseas@sogetsu.or.jp). We will send the guidance and the application form to you by e-mail.

*After receiving the valid application, we will respond in turn to each request and send the DVD by air mail . Please apply at least one month before your planned viewing date. (Normal airmail takes 1-3 weeks to reach.)

*the number of DVD is limited. Therefore it is subject to availability and it might take longer than expected for sending. We request your kind understanding.

certificate-handling fees

2,000JPY per certificate


Please read carefully the guideline below.
Then fill in order form and send it to Overseas affairs department.



  • Guidelines (PDF)
  • Guidelines (Japanese) (PDF)
  • Order form for DVD (PDF)
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