Sogetsu and Akane Teshigahara


Message from Akane Teshigahara

While we have been oscillating between joy and sorrow
over cherry blossoms coming out earlier than usual,
the lush green leaves of the town trees have started to bud.

April is the start of a new life
for many people in a different environment,
such as school, joining a company, or starting a new semester.
You may have hopes, expectations, anxieties,
and discomfort in unfamiliar surroundings.
Even if you sometimes halt your progress for a little while,
as long as you keep the goals held in your heart,
you can achieve what you wish.
You can steadily and calmly, keep moving forwards your aims.

The 90th anniversary period finished in triumph
at the end of March this year.
From this April we have started to prepare for our centennial. 
This is to create contemporary ikebana
with a free and liberated spirit
and share the joy of arranging flowers with all comers.


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