To STA Members

The services and advantages offered to the members of STA (Sogetsu Teachers’ Association) are below.

Announcement from Sogetsu Headquarters

The contents listed below show what is available to STA members.

Sogetsu Teachers' Association (STA) Members' Site

The STA members’ site, which provides new members-only services, is finally live.
You can review your own registered information, read the So Newsletter (online version), and check various announcements.
Please utilize this site for your activities.


Textbooks, containers, and other ikebana equipment necessary for creating and teaching ikebana are available for purchase, in person or Online.

Sogetsu Kaikan

The Sogetsu Kaikan which is the premises of Sogetsu Foundation Headquarters welcomes your visit. The building was designed by Kenzo Tange, who played a leading role in modern Japanese architecture. The world-famous artist Isamu Noguchi designed its indoor stone garden. The home of Sogetsu ikebana has also been a hub of creative activities.
Click here for more details of access and facilities.

Sogetsu Ceramic Studio in Fukui Prefecture

Surrounded by the richness of nature, this ceramic studio welcomes those who wish to come and experience the joy of making ikebana containers at a reasonable price.
For more details on making reservations and studio information, click here.

Membership dues for the STA

Continuing members are requested to remit their membership dues every March. Although the Renewal Form for the coming year is enclosed every year with the February issue of the So Newsletter, please feel free to download, print, and use the below form in case your original form is lost.

Diploma/Certificate Application: for teaching members of the STA

If you need a diploma or certificate application, please refer to below how to request it.

Announcement & Report Form of the Activities Overseas/ Request form of Contact list

Please download the form below.

Document Forms (Annual Activity Report/ Election Report )

The Annual Activity Report 2021 and Members List are due on May 31, 2023.
Branches and Study Groups that are due to have an election this year, please also submit the Election Report by the due date.

Order Form for the Sogetsu Leaflet 2023

Sogetsu Leaflets for 2023 are available for shipment. Each Branch/SG is entitled to 200 complimentary copies to be sent by surface mail or airmail on request. The shipping handling fee 500 JPY needs to be paid separately. Additional copies are available for purchase.
Please order in advance if you are planning an event, as it may take a certain time period to reach you.
Please download the form below.

To members who haven’t taken “Text 5 Special Training Session”

Since 2016, Many members joined the training sessions of textbook 5 by Master Instructor of the Sogetsu Headquarters to learn the detailed explanations of each theme and the method of teaching for Textbook 5.
The sessions ended at the end of March 2019 and for those haven’t been able to take the training yet, we start the loan of DVD to individuals.

Contact List

Please feel free to contact us about membership qualifications, branch affiliations, classes at the headquarters, the Sogetsu shop, website postings, visits to the library, and so on.
Click here for contact details.

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