Announcements & Report form of the activities / contact list request

When you plan to hold an event online(exhibition, demonstration, workshop etc.),why not invite other oversea members to them by announcing on Sogetsu Website?
Or share the reports with other Sogetsu friends ?
It will be great to give and take inspirations and ideas. Besides, how encouraging to see what activities are done in the other parts of the world!.
We could hand out the contact list of overseas groups for the notice.
Download the form and submit to the HQ.

Please download the form below. Then send the filled-in form to Overseas Affairs Department by e-mail.

Activity Form_announcement  (PDF)
Activity Form_report (PDF)

Activity Form (Excel)

For the announcement of future program: “Announcement” sheet
For the report of past program :”Report” sheet *please attach photos up to 3.

* Please note that we only accept reports from an official Branch or Study Group.
* It might take some time for us to upload your program.
* Please check that the size of the 3 photos in total is less than 1 megabyte.

Contact list Request Form

For the privacy protection, we hand out the list only on request.
Please note: the list is updated time to time according to personnel changes.

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