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Iemoto Interview My style 32 Guest: Mr Ohara Hiroki

Mr Hiroki Ohara, the 5th Iemoto of Ohara School and an advisor of Ikebana Association, performed a demonstration with IA current president Akane Iemoto, at the commemoration of founding the associ-ation. After the event these two Iemotos talked about the stage collaboration and their own thoughts of such possibilities in Ikebana.

【feature article】Ikebana for Christmas and New Year 50

The selected 50 arrangements for celebrating Christmas and the New Year, each of which expresses the essence of Sogetsu we hope will delight your eyes. Additionally enjoy the column ‘Ways of celebrating the New Year around the world’


Teshigahara Akane Her Words and Works

  • Time to Reflect on Myself
  • lemoto Interview My Style 32 Guest:Ohara Hiroki(5th Iemoto of Ohara School)
  • 【feature article】 Ikebana for Christmas and New Year 50
    Ikebana for the New Year : Teshigahara Akane
    Ikebana for the New Year : Akiyama Miharu, Arai Eien, Ishikura Shosei, Ito Seiyu, Eguchi Tamae, Oizumi Reito, Katayama Ken, Kato Kumiko, Kano Shuko, Kuboshima Iccho, Sasaki Koyo, Sawada Koei, Shinozaki Junga, Sumide Bisen, Sekita Ikuen, Takenaka Reiko, Tazawa Ryo, Nakada Kazuko, Nishimura Takako, Higuchi Suisho, Hinata Yoichi, Fukushima Koka, Fukunaga Sanae, Maeda Sanae, Murakami Gasho
    column ‘Ways of celebrating the New Year around the world’
    Ikebana for Christmas : Teshigahara Akane
    Ikebana for Christmas : Arai Eien, Ito Seiyu, Ozawa Seiko, Katayama Ken, Kato Kumiko, Sawada Koei, Shinozaki Junga, Sekita Ikuen, Nakada Kazuko, Higuchi Suisho, Fukunaga Sanae, Maeda Sanae
  • Exhibition report  ‘Contemporary Ikebana world   Solo exhibition series’


  • Ikka-Sanbo(One kind of material in three distinctive variations)13:Hinoki : Fukushima Koka
  • To the Cities of the World 34 : Anne-Riet Vugts in the Netherland
  • What’s in an ikebana work? (Sofu’s Lecture Note) 28:“New Year Ikabana”
  • Teacher’s Workshop Theme: Arranging with Size Restrictions
  • Life with Flowers (Artist Profile): Nishimura Takako
  • Kiri’s Scope 30
    Kiri Teshigahara Interview with Prominent People: Honda Yuka (musician)

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