How to Study Sogetsu Ikebana

The first step of Ikebana

The standard Sogetsu Textbooks, which consist of “Sogetsu  Textbook 1・2” , “Sogetsu Textbook 3・4” and "Sogetsu Textbook 5" are used in the lessons. They cover all the necessary basics for beginners to enjoy  acquiring skills through actual interaction with flowers,  deepen their understanding of the plant materials, and  eventually master a high level of self-expression through  flowers.

Steps of Ikebana Studies

Curriculum 1: Kakei 20 Lessons in about 6 months*
The basics of Ikebana are studied through a method called Kakei-ho.Upon completion, application can be made for The First Certificate (Yonkyu).

Curriculum 2: Kakei 20 Lessons in about 6 months
As an extension of basic Kakei, Variation Styles are studied.Upon completion, application can be made for The Second Certificate (Sankyu).


Curriculum 3: Composition and Line, Color and Mass 20 Lessons in about 6 months
The new stage of free arrangement begins, apart from Kakei-ho.
Upon completion, application can be made for The Third Certificate (Nikyu).

Curriculum 4: Material and Space 20 Lessons in about 6 months
A higher level of expression is mastered by deepening understanding of the material and the space.
Upon completion, application can be made for The Fourth Certificate (Ikkyu).

Note: “20 Lessons in about 6 months” means that approximately 6 months are required when taking three lessons a month.

Note: Application for certificates/diplomas is made by the teacher to Sogetsu Headquarters in Japan. The application procedure requires approximately 3 months.


How to Convey Ikebana to Other People

Start of the lessons for Teacher's Diploma (Necessary for teacher  certification)

Curriculum 5: Technique and Creation 30 Lessons in about 10 months.
After completing all the studies of the four curricula, lessons continue for acquisition of a Teacher's Diploma (to be officially certified as Sogetsu teacher). At this stage, the curriculum composed of the four key words "Technique," "Materials," "Placement," and "Creation" learned to get a more confident foundation of skills, knowledge, and greater creativity. At the same time, training is required to gain mental preparedness as a teacher. Upon completion of Curriculum 5, application can be made for Teacher's Diploma Fourth Grade (the first stage of teacher's diploma), a Hand-carved Kanban/Name board, and Hand-carved Sekisatsu/Nameplate.

Note: Application for Certificates/Diplomas is made by the teacher to  Sogetsu Headquarters in Japan. The application procedure requires  approximately 3 months for Certificates/Diplomas, and 8 months for a Hand- carved Kanban/Name board and Hand-carved Sekisatsu/Nameplate.


There are 8 grades in the Teacher's Diploma.

More lessons are necessary for acquiring a higher grade. Teacher's Diploma 4th Grade→Teacher's Diploma 3rd Grade→Teacher's  Diploma 2nd Grade Sanyo→Teachers Diploma 2nd Grade Jonin Sanyo→ Teacher's Diploma 1st Grade Somu→Teacher's Diploma 1st Grade Jonin  Somu→Teacher's Diploma 1st Grade Komon→Teacher's Diploma 1st  Grade Riji.
To acquire Teacher's Diploma 1st Grade Komon and Riji, based on the  teacher's recommendation, it is necessary to pass the qualification  examination held by Sogetsu Foundation. The examination is held once a  year.

To actually start teaching

It is necessary to join Sogetsu Teachers' Association and to be registered as  its teaching member. By  doing so, the members can gain the most updated information of Sogetsu  School and keep on improving their skills together with co-members.

Sogetsu Teachers' Association (STA)

Sogetsu Teachers' Association, under Sogetsu Foundation,  consists of Sogetsu Teacher's Diploma holders (who are at or  higher than Teacher's Diploma Fourth Grade). Its activities are  not limited in Japan but widely organized all over the world.  The STA has been working for further diffusion and  development of Sogetsu Ikebana through various programs  and events to deepen understanding of Ikebana and to  upgrade the Ikebana skills and spirit among the members,  including the ones directly held by Iemoto.

The STA is joined by both teaching and non-teaching members. Once becoming a member of STA, the member is entitled; To be officially certified to teach Sogetsu Ikebana by registering as a  teaching member. To receive our bimonthly "So" magazine and "So Newsletter." To have various opportunities of further Ikebana studies, including  seminars, workshops, demonstrations, participation in exhibitions. To take part in the local Sogetsu activities by joining a local branch. To get a membership discount when purchasing the Sogetsu magazines,  books and containers.

”So”magazine and "So Newsletter"
”So”magazine and
"So Newsletter"

Sogetsu Summer seminar
Sogetsu Summer seminar

Sogetsu Teachers Association
Sogetsu Teachers Association Iemoto Seminar

Sogetsu Summer seminar
Sogetsu Summer seminar

Iemoto Seminar
Sogetsu Teachers Association  Iemoto Seminar

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