“Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition” is an exhibition on Facebook that anyone who is learning and who loves Sogetsu Ikebana can participate regardless of their qualifications.
There were 165 applications from around the world for the 8th recruitment, which was accepted from October 1 to December 31, 2019.
Thank you very much for your participation.
You can see all the entries on Facebook.
Please take a look.

General comment

For the 8th “Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition” on our Facebook page, works were recruited under an open and freely selectable theme. I’m really glad that we received many applications not only from Japan but also from around the world this time, too. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm! Since this is a contest that runs during the autumn and winter period, I hope that you also enjoy invigorating various local events with ikebana while getting a sense of each season – from works which celebrate the autumn harvest to those that welcome the New Year. Every submitted piece of work shows the ingenuity of the applicant and I was able to feel the spirit of their quest, and so I could evaluate them with excitement.
The most prominent characteristic of this exhibition on Facebook might be expressing ikebana through photography. The applicants’ abilities to take pictures have greatly improved each time. I’m certain that up until submission, each of you made a tremendous effort. Now it is possible for anyone to take high-quality photographs easily using their own smartphone. Please observe the differences between when you see your work with the naked eye and when you look at it through the camera lens and find your own ideas on how to arrange work which shows its liveliness even in a photograph. By reexamining your work objectively through photography, you can notice what is good, bad or insufficient in your work. These efforts will become a solid technique someday and help with your future creations. Let’s accept all new challenges without being afraid of making mistakes.

Iemoto Akane Teshigahara

Award winning works

Golden Moon Prize

  • Name:Silvia Barucci(Italy)
  • Theme:Freestyle
  • Material:Twisted hazel, Decorative kale
  • Container:Iron vase

Iemoto's Comment

This is a very fascinating piece of work with a unique mood where I felt like I was in a wonderland. The twisted hazel branches, which shoot up in spirals, seem to start moving, and I can feel textures of living plants. The relationship between the black surfaces of the iron vase and the delicate lines drawn by plants entertain our eyes, and the areas of sparseness and density are interestingly structured.

Silvr Moon Prize

  • Name:Deborah Gianola(Italy)
  • Theme:Mass
  • Material:Eryngo, Garden ranunculus
  • Container:Ceramic vase

Iemoto's Comment

This is a work which has a unique form for its mass, inspired by the shape of the vase, which attracts our attention. The structure is simple yet expressive and gives the impression of strength. Thanks to the color pallet of purple and yellow and the rhythm created by their arrangement, the movement extending to the top is more effectively expressed.

  • Name: HUI-CHING HO(Taiwan)
  • Theme: Strengh
  • Material: Agapanthus, Alstroemeria, Pandanus, Cymbidium
  • Container: Ceramic vase

Iemoto's Comment

This is a playful work with structures which vary one after another from the bottom to the tip of the agapanthus flowers. Providing each space is superb, and the leaves of cymbidium which draw arcs gradually becoming larger, the straight lines of the pandanus, and the agapanthus at the higher position are individually developed extensively without being interfered with one another.

Grand Ikeru-chan Prize

  • Name: Akatsuki Sugiura
  • Theme: GO!GO! Flower!
    Material: Gerbera, Statice, Colored pencil
  • Container: Ceramic vase

Iemoto's Comment

This is an enjoyable work with an innocent and cute expression. The colored pencils are incorporated in a very good manner. By adding colorfulness and uniqueness of lines to the work, the attractiveness of using unconventional materials is fully extracted. It’s a wonderful piece of work which makes everyone who sees it smile.

You can see all the entries on Facebook.
Please take a look.

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