“Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition” is an exhibition on Facebook that anyone who is learning and who loves Sogetsu Ikebana can participate regardless of their qualifications.
For the ninth exhibition from Sunday, April 19th to Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, we received 876 applications from all over the world.
This is truly an unprecedented number of posts.
Thank you very much for your participation.
You can see all the entries on Facebook.
Please take a look.


Due to the spread of the COVID-19, we have not been able to send out the supplementary prizes for the 8th and 9th Everyone’s Sogetsu Ikebana Exhibition due to the impact on international mailings. We apologize for the delay, and thank you for your understanding. We will send out the prizes to domestic winners from early November 2020. As soon as the situation improves, we will send out the prize as soon as possible.

  • Golden Moon Prize and Silver Moon Prize (Sogetsu Ceramic Kiln original vase)
    Japan: Shipping will begin in early November 2020.
    Overseas: Shipping will start in early November 2020, as long as there are areas where there are no problems.
  • Grand IKERU-chan Prize (IKERU-chan goods)
    Japan: Shipping will begin in early November 2020.
    Overseas: Shipping will start in early November 2020, as long as there are areas where there are no problems.
  • Participation Prize of the IKERU-chan Prize (IKERU-chan goods)
    Japan: Shipping will begin in mid-November 2020.
    Overseas: Shipping will begin in mid-November 2020 by sea, as long as there are areas where there are no problems with shipping.

General comment from Akane Teshigahara

I remember that when we started this exhibition and began receiving applications in April 2020, the state of emergency had been declared in Japan and many nations, and every day was filled with a tense atmosphere.
It was a time when we suffered from frustration and anxiety, not allowed to go out and meet each other freely..
To be honest, under such a situation, I was not sure how many people were interested in applying for the exhibition; No flower shop was open. No happy face to face chat with ikebana friends was possible.
However, my fears proved totally unfounded within a couple of days.
The photos of Ikebana works, full of ideas and spirit, were flooding into our mail box and I could see everyone’s joy from their creation. I can’t tell you how encouraging it was for me.
I’m very proud of everyone who has kept the belief that “I still have ikebana” in spite of all the adversity.

Also, for this particular time we took the special theme “Ikebana at Home!”. I was greatly impressed with the inspiration, sharp taste, and even sense of humour which shone through in each applicant’s work. Some of them made me smile and admire their originality.
I’m sure that you must have thought long and hard about what kind of flowers you would like to see in your home and where you would like to see them.
I can imagine you walking through your house, looking at various designs of furniture, living rooms, kitchens, and gardens etc..
The atmosphere varies from country to country, and there are as many “places for Ikebana” as there are people who create ikebana works.
I hope that this exhibition gives you one of your most enjoyable experiences in which you can catch a glimpse of the lifestyles of fellow ikebanists.
An attempt to enrich your home with flowers first comforts your mind , and also brings tranquility and joy to those who live with you.
And by posting your work on social media, you may encourage someone else somewhere in this wide world, even if you don’t know it.

Every country faces the threat of COVID-19 and the uncertainty for the future. But this has pushed us to utilize the technology at hand and helped us be more sympathetic across borders.
With the inspiring effect of arranging flowers wholeheartedly at home, I hope you make your house “home sweet home “ for you and your family and a lovely place to come to.

Iemoto Akane Teshigahara

Award winning works

Golden Moon Prize

  • Name:URSULA Altenbach/Switzerland
  • Title:the sound of music
  • Materials:Poppy, Peony
  • Container:Clay pottery
  • Comment:feeling light and happy

Iemoto's Comment

At the moment I saw this work, I thought it was a work which could transmit the light and fun feelings of the person who created this work. The poppy’s odd-looking curves and the expression of the leaves echo the movement of the calligraphy in the background, creating a unique landscape. At first glance, the work looks like to be arranged very roughly, but the shape of the vessel and the balance of colors in the space have been well thought out, and the design is simple and lean.

Silver Moon Prize

  • Name:Rumiana Uzunova/Italy
  • Title:The colors of my life
  • Materials:Angel Pink and White Peonies
  • Container:-
  • Comment:-

Iemoto's Comment

The fact that this work is composed entirely of Chinese peony, and that the volume of flowers is used to create a captivating effect, giving a sense of dignity. The artwork in the background and the unique shape of the vase, each of which has its own personality and seems difficult to connect in the same space, blend naturally with each other. It’s probably due to the proper distance from the artwork as well as the good choice of the vase and flower materials.

  • Name:ODILE CARTON/France
  • Title:RELEASE
  • Materials:SPIREA AND WIRE

Iemoto's Comment

Delicate reeves spirea flowers and unconventional wire are a difficult combination, and the wire could damage the spirea, creating a sense of cruelty, but in this piece of work, the relationship between the two is effortless and shows perfect harmony. By rising up from the vase, the wires appear to move spontaneously and the softness of the spirea flowers stands out.

  • Name:Kohan Kamiichi/Japan
  • Title:With a fresh mind
  • Materials:Palm, Maple, Vanda, Agapanthus
  • Container:Glass vase
  • Comment:The lessons have resumed in our new way of life. I paired the foliage and unique palm used in the lesson with an orange glass vase.

Iemoto's Comment

The flowing look of the palm is highlighted to the maximum level. Although the volume of the other flowers alone would be enough as a work, they are well balanced with the palm and the different textures of each can be enjoyed. The glass vase, with only its feet visible, is also a good point, giving it a light and floating feel. This is a piece of work that looks casual, but is well calculated and well put together.

Grand IKERU-chan Prize

  • Name:Albie Duke(6 years old)/Australia
  • Title:Using lots of leaves
  • Materials:Flax, Umbrella grass
  • Container:Ceramic vase
  • Comment:I like folding the leaves and making interesting shapes. I like using different vases too.

Iemoto's Comment

I can see the fun in changing and transforming the shape of the leaves. There’s a rhythm to the way of arranging, and its relationship to the vase is bold.

  • Name:Yuka Sugie(12 years old)/Japan
  • Title:Rainy Season
  • Materials:Elaeagnus, Hydrangea, Statice
  • Container:Basket
  • Comment:I used the image of the current season to depict the rain falling.

Iemoto's Comment

Each of the flowers is carefully arranged in a way that captures their characteristics, paying attention to the movement of the leaves as well. The work has a seasonal feel to it.

  • Name:Amelia Worner(9 years old)/Spain
  • Title:Ramune
  • Materials:liriope, gerbera, kitchen funnels
  • Container:glass Ramune bottle
  • Comment:During the hot summer days in Madrid, we have enjoyed cold Ramune and reminisced about last year’s summer vacation to Japan.

Iemoto's Comment

This work shows an outstanding ability of composition with nothing superfluous in it. The red label on the Ramune bottle leads to funnels, which connect to a plant with a floating impression. I can feel the joy that went into creating this work.

You can see all the entries on Facebook.
Please take a look.

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