Iemoto Akane did the demonstration at Sogetsu Plaza in Sogetsu Kaikan on 10th October.

Initially the demonstration was scheduled to be held in Numazu City to commemorate 50th anniversary of its ex-Imperial villa -turned memorial park. Sogetsu school has created many large scale Ikebana work there since 1990's.
Due to the attack of the typhoon, the ceremony was called off. though not defeated by adversity, she created her supposed Ikebana work in "Heaven", much-admired stone Garden by Isamu Noguchi at Sogetsu Plaza.
The video footage captured the creating process of her work, titled "Expressing My Thoughts with Ikebana" and her memories and thoughts on the memorial park and Numazu City, where she has forged strong relationship and affection.

Expressing My Thoughts with Ikebana by Akane Teshigahara

Video Production:Takahiro Ohno
Music:Hideki Togi「Houo Densetsu」

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