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Iemoto Interview My style 30 Guest: Ms Omiya Ellie

Ms. Omiya Ellie is an artist and writer, known for her many talents. She and Iemoto have been friends since 2017 when Iemoto arranged flowers as part of her solo exhibition which was in collaboration with Ms. Omiya’s paintings.Before this current interview she enjoyed Iemoto’s ikebana lesson for the first time. What impression did she have after the ikebana lesson? They talked about their approach to dealing with plants as materials and how to create their own world in their works.

〈feature article〉REPLAY IN OHI

Ohi ceramic in Kanazawa has a history of over 350 years. The previous head of the family Toshiro Ohi was a classmate of the third Iemoto Hiroshi at Tokyo Fine Arts School. Their comradeship in class continued a long-standing relationship between the Ohi Family and Sogetsu. Enjoy the vessels Iemoto Akane herself shaped by hand at the kiln and her ikebana works arranged in the vessels made by the three-generation master potters of Ohi ware.

〈feature article〉GLORIOSA

This time we focus on gloriosa. This eye-catching flower, mainly known as a cut flower, also has little-known various characteristics such as its roots and seeds and how to grow them. This article which is full of fun trivia about the gloriosa is sure to attract a lot of interest.

Ikka-Sanbo:Leather flower

One kind of material in three distinctive variations. The leather flower can be arranged both in Japanese and Western styles. Trailing it down or using it in Kakebana (hung on the the wall) or Tsuribana (hung from above) enhances the beauty of the leather flower. You can also arrange just the leather flower leaving a few leaves on the stem. The leather flower, available almost all year round except midwinter, can be enjoyed in many different ways. Here Master Instructor Hinata Yoichi demonstrates three variations of arrangements using leather flowers.


Teshigahara Akane Her Words and Works

  • There is more than one answer
  • lemoto Interview My Style 30 Guest:Omiya Ellie(Artist/writer)
  • 〈feature article〉REPLAY IN OHI
    Déjà vu “REPLAY IN OHI” Ohi Chozaemon (Toshio) XI
    Iemoto Akane enjoys hand-forming ceramics
    Arranging Ikebana in Ohi Ceramics
    Ohi Chozaemon ware which contributes to tea ceremony (sado) in Kanazawa
    Ring of Prayers
  • 〈feature article〉GLORIOSA
    Anatomy of GLORIOSA
    A visit to Misato area, Kochi Prefecture, the gloriosa-growing district
    GLORIOSA by the Four Iemotos
    Gloriosa in full bloom on Instagram # Kochi no hana-ouen purojekuto (the project to support the flower industry in Kochi prefecture)
    Gloriosa at its best with green materials (the collaboration with Kochi Branch)

Ikebanists of Sogetsu

  • Flowers in profusion 〈Summer〉
    Sugioka Hiromi, Katayama Ken, Ishikura Shosei, Sawada Koei, Tazawa Ryo, Takagi Suisen, Takenouchi Shoki, Sasaki Koyo


  • Ikka-Sanbo(One kind of material in three distinctive variations)11:Leather flower : Hinata Yoichi
  • To the Cities of the World 32 : Margot Perez in Manila
  • What’s in an ikebana work? (Sofu’s Lecture Note) 26:“Moments”
  • Teacher’s Workshop Thema : Intertwining Plant Materials
  • Life with Flowers (Artist Profile): Inoue Saho
  • Kiri’s Scope 28
    Kiri Teshigahara Interview with Prominent People : Ando Hiromi and Kume Yumi (Viastique)

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