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Intertwining Plant Materials

Ms. Watanabe Moe is a ‘henso’artist, who produces fantastic plant works by intertwining plant materials such as walnut bark, akebia vines and hemp. She is also one of the finalists of ‘LOEWE Craft Prize 2023’, hosted by LOEWE Foundation. This time Iemoto arranged flowers in Ms. Watanabe’s unique works and brought new life to natural materials.

[feature article]Vegetables and/or Fruits in an Arrangement

Vegetables and fruits that we often see at the supermarket and in our kitchen.What would they look like if we created ikebana using their unique, colorful shapes? We welcome eight ikebanists who took up the challenge.

Various approaches to Ikebana Vol.10 The basic ways of arranging lotus, water lily and cow lily

In Sogetsu ikebana, the priority is always on maximizing the beauty of the materials. In ad-dition, the knowledge of the basic ways of arranging and handling materials, which are applicable to many situations, is also essential. This time we focus on the basic ways of arranging lotus, water lily and cow lily, which are all said to be difficult to place.


Teshigahara Akane Her Words and Works

  • Wonders of Life
  • Intertwining Plant Materials
  • Visiting an artist’s atelier

Ikebanists of Sogetsu

  • [feature article]Vegetables and/or Fruits in an Arrangement
    Kasuya Seika, Okamoto Seishu, Tan-no Kaen, Sekita Ikuen, Enomoto Koshu, Okubo Masanaga, Sumide Bisen, Okazaki Shinobu
  • 【Column】Unique Vegetables and Fruits
  • Exhibition report
    Katayama Ken solo exhibition「WHAT’S SOGETSU?」
    The 13th Hiraishi Tanshuho group exhibition
  • Flowers in profusion <Summer>
    Sawada Koei, Kato Kumiko, Kawana Tetsunori, Fukushima Koka, Tazawa Ryo, Hinata Yoichi, Motoe Katei, Kano Shuko, Genda Shiyo, Shinozaki Junga
  • Sato Tomoko “Index for Obake Tokyo: Chapter 2”
  • tsunami plants – Plants in the tsunami inundated zone, as depicted by Kurashina Mitsuko


  • Various approaches to Ikebana Vol.10 The basic ways of arranging lotus, water lily and cow lily
  • Ikka-Sanbo(One kind of material in three distinctive variations)15:Smoke tree : Ozawa Seiko
  • To the Cities of the World 35 : Mexico City Study Group : Kasuga Shoka
  • What’s in an ikebana work? (Sofu’s Lecture Note) 30:“Hunger for Change & Creativity Rather Than Nature”
  • Teacher’s Workshop Thema : Using materials and vases that you wouldn’t normally choose
  • Life with Flowers (Artist Profile):Sato Yosei
  • Kiri’s Scope 31 Memories of the Sogetsu Art Center⑤ Interview with Tanaami Keiichi

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