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Iemoto Interview My style 34 Guest: Mr Nakajima Shunta

Mr Nakajima Shunta is a designer of the fashion brand, ALMOSTBLACK, which re-leased the first collections to be themed on Iemoto Sofu. Mr Nakajima and Iemoto Akane talked about their own pursuit of creativity and thoughts on Sofu.
You can also enjoy the pages on which the members of ‘Za Sogetsu’ appear wearing clothes of ALMOSTBLACK.

[Feature article]Indigo and Ikebana

Two exhibitions was held at the Sogetsu Kaikan at the same time in May―the joint exhibition ‘Stone Garden: Indigo and Flowers’ by the Demura Tangasou Group was with ‘BUAISOU’, an atelier of indigo dye called Aizome, both of which have their bases in Tokushima prefecture and the special exhibition ‘Indigo and Akane’ by BUAISOU and Iemoto. The venue was thoroughly colored in indigo blue for the whole five days.

[Feature article]Arranging Colored Materials

Colored materials have a different look from their natural state. The appearance changes depending on the type of paint, its color, and the way it has been applied, which offers endless variations. Seven artists skillfully brought out the beauty of colored materials in their works.


Teshigahara Akane Her Words and Works

  • Flowers.It was a joy.
  • lemoto Interview My Style 34 Guest:Nakajima Shunta(fashion designer)
  • Harmony of Flowers and Vessels 2023

[Feature article]Indigo and Ikebana

  • Indigo and Akane BUAISOU×Akane
  • Stone garden Indigo and flowers Demura Group and BUAISOU
  • Making of the Exhibition / BUAISOU
  • Making of the Exhibition / Tokudameiboku
  • [mourning]Nomiyama Gyoji

Ikebanists of Sogetsu

  • ‘ALMOSTBLACK’, worn by the members of ‘ZA Sogetsu’
  • [Feature article]Arranging Colored Materials Nakada Kazuko, Fukushima Koka, Nakamura Misho, Eguchi Tamae, Nishiyama Kosa, Isono Gaho, Katayama Koso
  • Flowers in profusion [Autumn] Katayama Ken, Tazawa Ryo, Akiyama Miharu, Tabuchi Shoryu, Sawada Koei, Sekita Ikuen, Sumura Eikou, Takenaka Reiko


  • Artist Interview with Teshigahara Kiri : Jadé Fadojutimi
  • Ikka-Sanbo(One kind of material in three distinctive variations)15:Japanese bittersweet Takagi Suisen
  • To the Cities of the Japanese bittersweetJapanese bittersweetWorld 36 : Lee Ching Ling Yueh in Taiwan
  • What’s in an ikebana work? (Sofu’s Lecture Note) 31:‘Ikebana in harmony with the world’
  • Teacher’s Workshop Thema : Combining dried and fresh materials

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