Due to the spreading of COVID-19, the flower industry has been seriously damaged.
Therefore, the Sogetsu School of Ikebana will start a crowdfunding campaign in order to not only support the people related to this industry to whom we owe so much, but also to send cheers to those around the world who are fighting to end this pandemic.
All funds raised will be used to purchase materials for the Iemoto to create her work.
In order to make this campaign successful, we absolutely need the cooperation of all members. Let’s unite as the Sogetsu School to deliver our positive energy to the world!

Crowdfunding: Guidance on Support Procedure

1) Access the project URL on the Motion Gallery website.

*You can also access the project URL by entering “Motion Gallery Sogetsu” into your search engine, such as Google.
*The English page is in preparation.

2) Register in Motion Gallery.

❶ On the top page of the project, click/tap [プロジェクトを応援する] (Support this Project) and then the page to register to Motion Gallery will open.

❷ Enter your email address in the space starting with email icon, and click/tap [登録する] (Register).
*You can also register using your Facebook or Twitter account.

❸ Open the email from Motion Gallery and click/tap the link in the email.

❹ Enter your name and specify your password on the displayed page.

3) Select the project return.

Once you have registered in Motion Gallery, select the project return.
The seven types of return are available.
Select one of them by clicking/tapping the button at the top.

4) Make a payment

If you live in outside of Japan, you can only use a credit card for payment.

❶ Select [クレジットカード] (Credit Card) on the left end.

❷ Enter your payment information.

Due to the specifications of the site, please temporarily register with the name and address you specified below.
Once the payment has been made, Sogetsukai will contact you by email. At that time, we will ask you for your correct name and address.

Please use [copy and paste] to fill in the blanks.
❶[left] 草月 [right] 華子
❷[left] ソウゲツ [right] ハナコ
❹Select ”東京都”

❹ If [特典に関する質問事項] (Questions regarding Privileges) is displayed, enter your reply (color of eco bag, listing of your name in the So Newsletter, etc.).

❺ Lastly, although it’s optional, please enter your comments for our encouragement. (It will show up on the project page.)

For Inquires

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Cultural Projects Department.

Tel: 81-3-3408-1156 E-Mail: kikaku@sogetsu.or.jp

*If you are not confident in registering online by yourself, please come to the counter of the Cultural Projects Department. We will register on behalf of you.

Event information

05 Aug 2020 [wed] - 30 Oct 2020 [fri]
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