The Sogetsu School of Ikebana will mark its 100th anniversary in 2027.
As we approach this memorable milestone, in order for the Sogetsu School to become more lively, creative, and attractive than ever before, we will implement diverse initiatives under the theme of What’s Sogetsu?
Let’s take a look at what Sogetsu is all about from various angles, including the history of Sogetsu since its foundation, the philosophy that has shaped Sogetsu, and the curriculum that forms the basis of our creative activities.

Special Project: Sogetsu Learned through Video Series

The first of three videos looking back on the history of Sogetsu will be available on our online video-sharing platform on Thursday, April 28th, 2022!
The second and third installments will be released shortly after that. Please look forward to them!


① “Sofu in his studio” Length: 10 mins.
②”Sofu Extensive Exhibition” Length: 15mins.
③“Creation – Kasumi Teshigahara Solo Exhibition” Length: 12mins.

*In order to view the videos, you need to log in to the Sogetsu Teachers’ Association (STA) Members’ Site.

Event information

28 Apr 2022 [thu] - 26 Jun 2022 [sun]
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