Long awaited the new program “Summer Flowers” will be available from July.
Please enjoy the exquisite works by Iemoto, Ms. Reiko TAKENAKA, and Mr. Yoichi HINATA.

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Campaign underway!

We are looking for reports, works, and impressions from those who have taken the course!
We will introduce the excellent entries on our website and social networking sites.
Report back on the WEB Iemoto Seminar and let’s make it a summer of learning!
We look forward to your participation.


Available for anyone who is learning or interested in Sogetsu ikebana

As this program is open to everyone, why not recommend it to your students? This opportunity will be a great inspiration for them!

*Please note that only the person who purchased the video is allowed to view it. Please refrain from sharing the video.


[Japanese and English versions] September 1 (Thu.) – September 15 (Thu.), 2022
*Purchased videos can be viewed as many times as you wish during the distribution period.
*The delivery period of July 1 – August 31, 2022 has ended. Thank you very much for taking the course. We are now accepting new purchases only after September 1.


  • Dahlia, Queen of Summer in Japan (HINATA)
  • Vases come to life with flowers (HINATA)
  • Sustainability and a ray of hope (TAKENAKA)
  • Arrange your living space with vibrancy (TAKENAKA)
  •  Door into summer -harmony in green (Iemoto)
  •  Door into summer – relaxation in coolness (Iemoto)
  •  Door into summer – pleasure in colors (Iemoto)
We look forward to seeing you all there!

How to watch

For the STA members and for the Non-STA members

❶ For the STA members

Please log-in the STA members’ site.
Click the log-in button if you have already registered in the streaming site.
If not, click “free registration”  button ,then make registration. (Once register, there will be no need to do so in the future.)

Log in the streaming site,  click purchase button and make payment by credit card.

Now the “Summer flowers” video is available for you!


For the Non-STA members

Click “free registration”  button ,then make registration.

Once registration is completed, log in the streaming site, then click purchase button.
Payment is available by credit card.

Now the “Summer flowers” video is available for you!



If you have any questions or are not sure  how to watch, we are happy to  help you!
Please feel free to contact us.

Sogetsu Foundation, Overseas Affairs Department
E-mail: overseas@sogetsu.or.jp

Event information

01 Sep 2022 [thu] - 15 Sep 2022 [thu]
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