In the Japanese room on the fifth floor of the Sogetsu Kaikan, seasonal ikebana works are constantly on display for public view.
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Materials:Actinidia arguta,Lily-of-the-valley bush,European Cranberrybush,Cockscomb
Gaku(Frame):“Untitled” by Hiroshi Teshigahara
Materials:Japanese bittersweet,Gentian,Blackberry lily
Jiku(Scroll):“Moonlight” by Sofu Teshigahara

Ikebanist : Koka Fukushima

Koka Fukushima(Master Instructor of the Sogetsu HQ )
I could not fully enjoy this summer, but when I held brightly colored, fresh flower materials in my hands, my heart fluttered with expectations for the arrival of autumn.
I feel so happy when I see nature, which lets us know the changing of the seasons regardless of whatever happens in the world, and I completed this piece of work with my message to make you feel uplifted by allowing the lily-of-the-valley bush and Actinidia arguta to play rough.

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Churyo Sato 
Sofu Teshigahara,1997

Kasumi Teshigahara
Untitled,Production year unknown
Hiroshi Teshigahra
Marilyn Monrore,Production year unknown

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