In the Japanese room on the fifth floor of the Sogetsu Kaikan, seasonal ikebana works are constantly on display for public view.
Please drop by.

Materials:Driftwood,Decayed wood,Fire raspberry,Chrysanthemum,Bird-of-paradise flower(Dry)
Gaku(Frame):“Fuji” by Sofu Teshigahara
Jiku(Scroll):“Innocent” by Hiroshi Teshigahara

Ikebanist : Shuko Kano

Shuko Kano(Master Instructor of Sogetsu HQ)
While I was completely absorbed arranging this piece of work...
I saw a Kirin* gently flying out of the ground with many rays of hope on it.
I feel as if a time of peace seems right around the corner... That made me very happy.

*A legend says that the Kirin appears as an auspicious harbinger of good things to come.
They are said to be kind-hearted creatures which can fly through the air, who never stand on the ground in order to avoid stepping on insects and grass.
It is also seen as a sign of peaceful times, and is said to be a symbol of happiness that brings calm and tranquil days.

*For previously displayed works, please visit the Japanese Room Gallery.

Churyo Sato 
Sofu Teshigahara,1997

Kasumi Teshigahara
Sketch, Production year unknown
Hiroshi Teshigahra
Beauty of the Nature,1981

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Sogetsu Kaikan 5th floor Japanese room
Oct.26 (Mon.) - Nov.7(Sta), 2020
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and holiday.
*Open on Nov. 7(Sat)
*9:30-13:00 on the last day.
2-21, Akasaka 7-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Shuko Kano
The Japanese Room is open for public viewing except when it is closed for an event. Please contact us to check.
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