The Sogetsu “Autumn Seminar” will be held in coming November, where you can experience workshops giving you the joy of creation that goes beyond conventional ikebana!
Don’t miss this special opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills through new learning study!

Outline of the Autumn Seminar

  • Dates: 22 (Tue) and 23 (Wed) November 2022
  • Time: 10:30-17:00 (Depends on the class.)
  • Venue: Sogetsu Kaikan (4th and 5th floor classrooms, Sogetsu Plaza) and Sogetsu Atelier Studio
  • Fee (incl. tax): STA Members = 15,700 JPY per class, non-STA members = 18,850 JPY per class.
  • Participation requirements: the STA Members who paid the due 2022 and Sogetsu learners
  • Application: Download the application form, and fill in the application form and send to Overseas Affairs Department
  • Application period: 11(Tue) Oct. to 4(Fri) Nov.
  • General supervisor: Iemoto Akane Teshigahara

Course List

What is Installation?

Tetsunori Kawana (Master Instructor of the HQ)

Ikebana is an art of three-dimensional form which transforms a space. Let’s be inspired by the particular space(Sogetsu Plaza) and complete an installation that can only exist there. (the photo left is an image.)

Venue: Sogetsu Plaza
Capacity: 40

*Materials will be available for sale to those who wish to use them. (Apply in advance.) Details will be given on the course registration form.

Light up your Christmas and New Year’s ikebana! -gold, silver, and rainbow-

Bisen Sumide (Master Instructor of the HQ)

Why not bring a different expression to your Christmas and New Year’s ikebana? Using variable coloured wire and materials, we will create two different arrangements for Christmas and New Year and develop your skill of composition.
(the photo left is an image.)

Venue: Classroom
Capacity: 50

Create your own original ceramic nagerire vase- Enjoy a shade of clay

Hirotaka Tobimatsu (ceramic artist)

Content of class: Various coloured clays are placed on a flattened black clay to create a nageire vase from a single piece of clay. The patterns, which sometimes tend to be artificial, are deflated, overlapped and stretched to create unexpected and mysterious patterns. Create your own unique vase.(the photo left is an image.)

Venue: classroom
Capacity: 36

*After the workshop, your work will be fired in a kiln. The completed work will then be picked up at the HQ or sent to you.( Additional shipping costs apply.)

Create your own original iron vase from iron pipes and rods!

Noboru Yokozawa (Sogetsu Atelier staff/Iron vase creator)

Have you ever processed iron or created your own iron vase? If not, this is a great opportunity.

By hammering and bending iron pipes and rods which are set in a furnace, you can learn the characteristic of iron first hand. The goal is to create an iron vase that stands on its own, even without flowers in it. (the photo left is an image.)

Venue: Sogetsu atelier studio
Capacity: 20

Event information

22 Nov 2022 [tue] - 23 Nov 2022 [wed]
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