On November 9th and 10th, a workshop will be held at the Hotel dei Congressi, featuring the following classes:

  • Saturday, November 9th morning: Michele Maino, author of the book “The Interior Forest: Initiatory Journey Among the Plants and Spirits of the Amazon,” will deliver a lecture titled “The Divine Choreography of the Forest: Forms, Gestures, and Spirit of Plants.” This session will explore the symbolic meanings of plants and flowers.
  • Saturday, November 9th afternoon and Sunday, November 10th morning: Patrizia Ferrari, a teacher from the Concentus Study Group based in Milan, will lead participants in creating three-dimensional relief works following the principles of the Sogetsu School and Ikebana.
  • Sunday, November 10th afternoon: Participants, guided by Lucio Farinelli and Luca Ramacciotti, will create Ikebana arrangements in front of the structures previously crafted.

Event information

09 Nov 2024 [Sat] - 10 Nov 2024 [sun]
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